How To Design A Mid Century Modern Home


Ever wondered what mid-century modern interior design looks like? Furniture trends are always forever changing from maximalism & minimalism, to art deco & classical; with so much choice, it can sometimes be overwhelming to find something that reflects your personal style. So, why not opt for a trend that incorporates a variety of styles?

Over the past few years, vintage furniture has become especially popular among interior design lovers; as well as this trope, there has also been a shift towards more minimalistic home styling, inspired by Scandinavian furniture trends. Somehow, these design concepts have merged together to create what we know today as ‘mid-century modern’.

If you are someone who is drawn to luxury living and quality furniture, then this trend may be the perfect choice for your home. Find out what mid-century modern truly looks like and how you can replicate it in your home.

What defines the mid-century modern style?

bontempi-bar-stools-mid-century-modernThis movement originated in the 1930s and continued into the mid 1960s; the pioneering designers of this period included Charles and Ray Eames who paved the way for the mid century modern style. Although these designers worked in architecture and film, they were best known for their stand-out furniture design which emphasised sleekness, functionality and style.

This sophisticated style took inspiration from the Bauhaus movement which focused on practicality, designed for comfort in everyday living. The basic concept was that it was made for everybody; Charles once said that chairs should not be designed for how people should sit, but for how they do sit.


The best way to describe this style is a mishmash of concepts and designs; the aesthetic integrates natural materials, associated with the more classic furniture styles, with man-made materials, associated with the modern world of form and function. In the same way, mid-century modern interior decor features beauty from the outdoors and the indoors which is why you will see an abundance of plants, as well as curved lines and metal tapered table legs.

One of the perks of this trend is that it is individualist, meaning that it can be personalised to everyone’s particular taste. The colour palette can range from muted pastel tones including earthy greens and soft browns, to bright pops of colour such as mustards, olive greens, wine reds, and oranges; there are no strict rules when it comes to this type of design because it is tailored to each individual.

The main things you need to create a mid-century home are: high quality designs, a variety of man-made & natural materials and utilitarian pieces of furniture; it’s all about contrast.

What do you need to achieve the perfect mid-century home?

    1. Metal & Wood Finishes

      calligaris-mid-century-coffee-tableAs mentioned before, the balance between naturalism and industrialism is an essential aspect of the mid-century modern home; make sure you incorporate a range of furniture that is beautifully finished with metal, wood or even glass. Our collection of Venjakob coffee tables embody the concept of mid century modern because the combination of glass and wood create a minimalist, yet elegant design; Venjakob is a German company, so it is not surprising that they are dedicated to the mid century style given that Germany is where the Bauhaus movement originated. Alternatively, if you are looking for something with more of a metallic look, our Calligaris range includes high quality, Italian-made coffee tables that exude opulence.

    2. Small Living Room Furniture

      midas-mid-century-armchairGiven that much of the aesthetic centres around functionality, it is vital that you don’t clutter your space with too many unnecessary things. Of course, you can decorate your walls with artwork and photographs, but make sure you curate your collection carefully so that everything corresponds to your overall theme. Also remember, your living space should be easy to navigate; this means investing in smaller sofas, streamlined stools and chairs and intelligent storage solutions. This will make your interior spaces feel bigger and more spacious, creating a sense of calm and tranquility. For you larger living room furniture, we would suggest that you opt for a 2 seater sofa or a smaller armchair; our Midas Furniture selection have a variety of armchairs that are compact and stylish, designed for the living room and the dining room.

    3. Stand-Out Lighting

      mid-century-modern-flos-floor-lampThere are a few options you can go for when choosing lighting for your mid century home; you can choose a large statement piece with and industrial edge to highlight the futuristic style that was popular in the 60s; if you would prefer something more subtle, just focus on curved lines and a minimalist shape, like a large, simplistic floor lamp. Flos lighting could accommodate any of these styles, offering industrial designs as well as contemporary accents. The Arco Floor Lamp is the perfect pick for those who crave a touch of art deco styling.

      How can you identify a piece of mid century furniture?

      It generally takes an expert eye to determine whether or not a piece of furniture is mid century modern, but there are a few characteristics that you can help you to identify them. This furniture will usually be handcrafted using high quality materials to ensure comfort and luxury and there will usually be a blend of materials. You should also look out for designs with clean lines and classic shapes, as well as materials such as glass, metal, wood, veneer and vinyl.

      It ultimately depends on what atmosphere you would like to create in your home, if you feel that a piece of furniture fits in with your overall mid century modern theme, then try it out and see how it looks!

      If you want to start designing your mid century modern home, we recommend our collections in Calligaris, Jesse, Midas Furniture, Bontempi, and SITS.

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