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At Calligaris, they believe that furniture should be as functional as it is elegant.They  believe that innovative design should be engineered to offer real life solutions and essential comfort. And even after 100 years of experience in the industry, they continue to experiment with materials and finishes.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Calligaris.

Calligaris was established in 1923 in a small craft workshop in Manzano; in the 1950s, Calligaris used natural materials such as straw and timber which was sourced from the natural environment surrounding the workshop. Calligaris is a family business that truly believes in quality, ensuring that they use the finest materials, while also focusing on durability. Although the business started out using wood as its primary material, they now use metal, plastic, leather, and glass; this is because they are always looking to evolve and grow in their approach to furniture design.


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