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Recognised the world over as a leader in the lighting sector, FLOS blurs the lines between light and architecture. Flos lamps are still entirely handmade, featuring classic Italian design with a modern twist. The combination of form and function in this range means that the lighting is as stunning as it is practical; If you are looking to bring a contemporary feel to your home, Flos is the lighting choice for you. FLOS is best known for producing modern pendant lights and table lamps that have become design classics. For over 50 years, this Italian brand continue to produce luxurious designs that bring elegance into every interior space.

FLOS presented their latest range at Interni’s Designers Week in Milan, showcasing their most innovative and creative new designs. Our elegant selection of lighting fixtures caters to every taste, ensuring that there is something for everyone; shop by shape, finish, or colour to find the right light for your home.


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