Bontempi’s passion is to turn raw materials into design pieces, thanks to their 50 years’ experience. Successful results have been achieved due to hardworking and passion of the owners and of all the employees who have contributed to build up their story, as of 1963.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Bontempi.

Bontempi’s passion and drive for excellence is incomparable. The Bontempi goal is to achieve beauty and functionality through their designs. Alessandro and Giancarlo Bontempi set up the company in 1963, and they have been producing high quality, luxury Italian furniture ever since. Bontempi will bring a contemporary, sleek, elegant style into your interior design.

Bontempi Final

Bontempi Dining Tables

Bontempi Chair

Bontempi Dining Chairs

Bontempi Bar Stool

Bontempi Bar Stools

Bontempi Sideboooard

Bontempi Sideboards