10 Top Tips For Creating The Perfect Summer House


In the UK, we tend to go a little bit crazy at the first signs of summer. Whether it’s lighting up the BBQ for a big family get together, or rushing out to get an inflatable swimming pool; it’s safe to say that, as a nation, we really do love the sun. It can be difficult to find a space in your home to really relax and unwind, that’s why creating a summer house is the perfect solution for those who want a home away from home…even if it is just at the end of the garden!

A summer house can be used for a myriad of purposes, whether it’s a place to lounge, a place to meet your friends, or a place to work. This garden structure is a great idea because it creates another living space, away from the main house, where you, your friends and your family can socialise during the summer months.

There are so many summer house ideas that you may want to try out, you might even want to build one from scratch; building a summer house is an incredible project to take on, but it does involve a lot of hard work, so you’ll want to make sure you get the best advice and tips. However, if you are like us and you simply want to decorate your existing summer house, then you’ll want to know what essential items you need to make it feel cosy and comfortable; we also thought it would also be useful to share a few summer house ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

So sit back and discover our top tips, furniture suggestions and decor ideas for creating your perfect summer house.

Quick Overview:

  1. Small But Comfy Sofa
  2. A Couple Of Relaxing Chairs
  3. Accompanying Footstools
  4. A Subtle Coffee Table
  5. A Light Feeling Rug
  6. Indoors/Outdoors Furniture
  7. Choose Colours That Compliment Your Garden
  8. Make The Most Of The Outdoor Space
  9. Build A Home Cinema
  10. Paint The Summer House Exterior

Summer House Ideas

Small But Comfy Sofa

First things first, your summer house will feel pretty empty if you don’t have any furniture to go inside of it. Let’s get this out of the way first, you will need somewhere to sit inside of your summer house. The reason why we say that you need a “small” sofa is because summer houses are really not that spacious inside, so you want to allow for as much room as possible.

A benefit of having a smaller sofa is that it is manoeuvrable, so when the summer comes to an end, you can use that sofa in other rooms in the home if you so desire. Sticking with the theme of manoeuvrability, you can also very easily rearrange the layout of your house throughout the summer and change the position of the sofa if you get bored.

Most importantly of all though, it must be comfy. You will want to spend hours upon hours in your summer house, lounging on on this very sofa, so you want to make sure that it’s plush and practical. Finding the right sofa will prepare you for a summer of ultimate relaxation.


A Couple Of Relaxing Chairs

If you are not going to be the only one using the summer house, you are going to need some more seating for all your guests. Therefore, you should definitely consider getting a couple of chairs for any friends who might want to visit your summer house.

This interior space is a chance for you to truly express your personal style, so be bold with your design choices. When we say bold, we mean unique to you. There are plenty of beautifully crafted accent chairs that are super comfortable & very distinctive and, given that they are relatively small, they would make the perfect addition to your summer house . Whether you would prefer a small rocking chair or a modern swivel chair,  these pieces will really give the space a sense of character.

In the same way as your sofa, you will be able to use these chairs anywhere in the home. Instead of packing them away and putting them into the shed, why not give them a new breath of life in the living room? These chairs can be extremely versatile making them a purchase that you will not be disregarding anytime soon.


Accompanying Footstools

The final instalment in to this first trilogy of items if you will, is the addition of some footstools. These little extras can really help to fill out the room but also while creating an additional level of comfort to both your sofa and your chairs.

Given that the sofa will likely be taken up by multiple people, so you won’t exactly be able to put your feet up. So the best way around that is to get yourself a footstool that you can use as your own personal relaxation piece.

Also these footstools can also be used as spare seats should you require them. That’s the beauty of these stools, they are comfy additions to what you already have or can be used as something entirely new, it’s completely up to you.


A Subtle Coffee Table

Many of us will already own a coffee table in our living rooms however the reason why we mention it here is because you need to be looking at it from a completely different perspective.

Like we mentioned previously, there is not going to be a ton of room inside of this house so your coffee table of choice should be one of small size and subtlety. This particular table will likely be used for holding drinks and small snacks etc; so having a large coffee table in the middle of the room is not necessary.

It will also help to balance out the layout of the room too. The table could be the centrepiece which is then surrounded by the chairs and sofas that we mentioned earlier.


A Light Feeling Rug

The finishing touch to this design is a light rug. We say light because it will be deployed in the heat of summer, you’re not going to want a thick and cosy rug under your feet when it’s 20+ degrees outside.

This rug will not only provide a nice and soft surface for your feet to walk upon but it will also act as a nice cover for the floorboards of the house. Most summer houses have the flooring made from wood (like the whole structure) and we all know that wood and bare feet are not exactly a brilliant combination. So it makes sense to get a nice rug to place within the house.

Alternatively, you could use it as a layer to put under the coffee table. This will be particularly effective if your coffee table is made from wood too, having wood on wood is not a look that is particularly inspired however it can be saved with the addition of a rug.


Indoors/Outdoors Furniture

Another top tip for decorating your summer house is to choose furniture that can be used inside and outside; this way, you can move it into the garden to catch some rays, or sit inside and enjoy the shade.

Although you will want your staple pieces of furniture such as your small sofa and your subtle coffee table to take pride of place, you may also want to include a couple of fold up chairs that you can move out onto the porch for when friends and family come to visit; they also give your interior space that ‘shabby chic’ feel, making it all the more stylish.

Having some garden furniture in your summer house is a great way to invite nature inside and keep you connected to the rest of your garden.


As well as having a summer house to relax in, you can also spruce up the garden to create an open atmosphere to enjoy with all your friends and family. Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make the biggest difference.

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Choose Colours That Compliment Your Garden

When decorating your summer house, consider choosing a colour scheme that reflects the hues of your garden; you may have a particular style in mind, but by picking colours that are mirrored in your outdoor space, you will help to create that separation from your main living area and your garden getaway.

There are so many different summer house ideas that can be tried out when you begin this project, but keeping it simple and opting for greens, creams and floral designs, will make you feel more connected to nature.

Remember, you want this space to feel like a haven, set away from the stresses of everyday life, so it’s important that it doesn’t replicate the rest of your house.


Make The Most of Your Outdoor Space

The whole point of having a summer house is to enjoy the great outdoors, whilst also having the comforts of the great indoors! This means that you should utilise the beautiful garden surrounding your haven and allow the furniture to spill out into the outdoors; allowing the space to flow into the garden will also make the small space seem bigger than it actually is.

Imagine opening the doors of your summer house and being greeted by even more corners to curl up in; consider having a garden table and chairs outside the front of your summer house, accompanied by a BBQ, an outdoor heater, a wine cooler and other accessories to really make the most of that space.

These small additions are sure to get the family round for a big BBQ which is a great way to show off your summer house in all of it’s glory. You can cook the delicious food, eat inside of the house and then spend the rest of evening chilling out in the sun.

Perhaps you would like a night in the summer house, get yourself a wine cooler where you can store all different kinds of your favourite wines. Or just a regular fridge-freezer if you’re somebody who does not drink alcohol.

Also, despite how warm the summer can get, you can never quite trust the British weather. So be on the safe side with a heater on standby just in case it gets a bit chilly.

These little extras will enhance your experience even further and make our summer house the place to be for all your friends and family.


Build A Home Cinema!

If you really want to push the boat out, you could even invest in a projector, a large screen and some speakers to make your own home cinema set-up! Although we love a garden party, sometimes there is nothing better than curling up with your friends, ordering a pizza and having a girls night in (technically, a night out)!

If you are opting for a cinema summer house, you may also want to add a little more plushness to the space with some fluffy cushions, cashmere throws and some candle lanterns; get in the cosy mood and make it a place you can use all year round. Also, make sure you get a heater that you can wheel out for the colder Winter months.


Paint The Summer House Exterior

We are getting carried away with all of the interior decor, but what about the outside of the summer house? Making a cosy space inside is vital, but you also want your sanctuary to look inviting from the outside; whatever design themes you have chosen to include to vamp up your interior should also be reflected in the exterior of the summer house. For example, if you have chosen to go for a Hygge theme with a palette of creams and earthy tones, you will want to display these hues in the outer paintwork.

For all you DIY lovers, check out this video by Craig Phillips on how to paint the exterior of your summer house:


Now, you have all the tips and tricks you need to create a summer house that is perfect for you! Whether you want to opt for a modern summer house, or whether you prefer a more traditional layout, having a retreat in the garden is something everyone needs to kick back and relax.

Have you got a summer house? Let us know how you plan to use this summer!

Pro Tip:

For a finishing touch, you could go the extra mile and hang some fairy lights above the entrance to your sanctuary! Fairy lights are the perfect accessory to make your summer house even cosier…


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