How to Hygge your Home


If you keep up with interior design trends and styles, you have probably heard of hygge. Hygge isn’t exactly a style as much as it is a lifestyle; this Danish concept focuses on creating spaces that are cosy and comfortable. The main aim of the hygge home is to make you feel contented, safe and welcome. There is nothing more soothing than walking into a room which gives you a hug.

Discover the best ways to make your house a home with the hygge lifestyle…

3 Top Tips to create your Hygge Heaven

cluttered-living-room-space1) Declutter your space!

As well as making homely and comfy spaces, one of the key aspects of hygge is minimalism. The concept encourages homemakers to include both function and comfort into their interior space; this means getting rid of those stacks of unread magazines and other unnecessary clutter that takes up space which could be utilised. We are all guilty of having too much stuff, so don’t feel you need to go crazy when having a clear out.

There is a fine balance between creating a home that’s practical and creating a home that’s cold. When deciding what to keep and what to throw out, think about what that item is used for and how it adds to your life; for example, if you have a bowl of potpourri, you are allowed to keep it if it brings you joy and makes you feel more at ease. The entire point of decluttering your house is to remove stress and chaos from your everyday environment, so that you are left with a space that is calming and peaceful. The whole reason for this practice is to find a place for everything so that all of your things have a space that serves a specific purpose. Ultimately, you shouldn’t miss any of the things you part with, you should be left feeling relieved and at peace.

cosy-girl-with-hot-chocolate2) Choose texture

One of the main pillars of hygge is cosiness. Think about your perfect cosy night in; you picture yourself curling up by the fire, wearing your favourite slippers, wrapped up in a fluffy blanket and drinking a steaming mug of hot chocolate. Now imagine capturing that feeling and letting it take over your home. That’s Hygge. To create that snuggly atmosphere, you need a lot of soft furnishings and varied textures; this means you need to adorn your space with fur throws, woven rugs, knitted blankets and an abundance of fluffy cushions. You can never have too many fluffy cushions.

These textures create a warm atmosphere that invites people in, making it a place for escaping from the stresses of the outside world. Although soft textures are an absolute must, you should also include some other materials that bring a sense of calm. Natural materials like wood, brick and rose gold metals can prevent the room from looking too cold. The idea of bringing the outside in reflects the concept of appreciating nature and the tranquility that it brings. Although the hygge home is minimalistic, it is not meant to be too stark; that’s why adding texture can take a lifeless room to a hygge heaven.

3) Create cosy corners

There is nothing like curling up in a cute little reading nook on a rainy day. Make sure that every corner of your home has been made into a useful space with a clear purpose, then choose one corner to transform into your hideaway.

Start by gathering up all the cushions and blankets you can find, the fluffier, the better! Then arrange them into a little nest of cosiness and get creative with some twinkly fairy lights. Drape these lights above your nook and watch in wonderment as your once dull corner is transformed into a magical retreat. If you want to go the extra mile, you could light some tea light candles in copper plated lanterns, just to give you that sense of Fairytale escapism.

untitled design (8) copy 3

You are now well on your way to creating your hygge heaven! If you are looking for a few staple furniture pieces to complete your look, we have great storage solutions to declutter your home as well as some gorgeous sofas to bring an element of relaxation to your home.

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