How To Create The Perfect Summer House

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Here in the UK, we tend to go a little bit crazy at the first hint of summer. Whether it’s lighting up the BBQ for a big family get together or rushing out to get an inflatable swimming pool, it’s safe to say that as a nation, we really do love the sun. One idea that many have however is to get themselves a summer home for their garden.

This structure is a nice idea that creates an external location for you, your friends and your family to use throughout the summer months as a social area and just somewhere different to be that is still within the confines of your home. However the summer house will feel pretty empty if you do not have the correct furniture to go inside of it.

So sit back, maybe in the garden? and enjoy our article on the most essential items that you will need in order to create the perfect summer house.

Small But Comfy Sofa

Let’s get this out of the way first, you will need somewhere to sit inside of your summer house. The reason why we say a “small” sofa is because summer houses are really not that spacious inside, so you want to allow for as much room as possible.

A benefit of having a smaller sofa is that it is manoeuvrable, so when the summer comes to an end, you can use that sofa in other rooms in the home if you so desire. Sticking with the theme of manoeuvrability, you can also very easily rearrange the layout of your house throughout the summer and change the position of the sofa if you get bored.

Most importantly of all though, it must be comfy. You will be spending hours upon hours this summer in your summer house on this very sofa, so with that in mind you should be considering how comfy it is to relax on for extended periods of time. If you are able to find the right one then you will be ready to chill out the whole summer.

A Couple Of Relaxing Chairs

If you are not going to be the only one using the summer house, you are going to need to accommodate with more seating. Therefore you should think about getting a couple of cool chairs for any more guests who might want to visit your summer house.

When we say cool, we mean unique. There are plenty of different chairs out there that are perfectly crafted and expertly designed to be a super comfortable but also fun addition to any home. Whether you are thinking about a small rocking chair or something like a circular spinning chair, it’s these pieces specifically that will really add a sense of character to your summer house.

Similarly to your sofa, you will be able to use these chairs anywhere in the home. Instead of packing them away and putting them into the shed, why not give them a new breath of life in the living room? These chairs can be extremely versatile making them a purchase that you will not be disregarding anytime soon.

Accompanying Footstools

The final instalment in to this first trilogy of items if you will, is the addition of some footstools. These little extras can really help to fill out the room but also while creating an additional level of comfort to both your sofa and your chairs.

Given that the sofa will likely be taken up by multiple people, so you won’t exactly be able to put your feet up. So the best way around that is to get yourself a footstool that you can use as your own personal relaxation piece.

Also these footstools can also be used as spare seats should you require them. That’s the beauty of these stools, they are comfy additions to what you already have or can be used as something entirely new, it’s completely up to you.

A Subtle Coffee Table

Many of us will already own a coffee table in our living rooms however the reason why we mention it here is because you need to be looking at it from a completely different perspective.

Like we mentioned previously, there is not going to be a ton of room inside of this house so your coffee table of choice should be one of small size and subtlety. This particular table will likely be used for holding drinks and small snacks etc; so having a large coffee table in the middle of the room is not necessary.

It will also help to balance out the layout of the room too. The table could be the centrepiece which is then surrounded by the chairs and sofas that we mentioned earlier.

A Light Feeling Rug

The finishing touch to this design is a light rug. We say light because it will be deployed in the heat of summer, you’re not going to want a thick and cosy rug under your feet when it’s 20+ degrees outside.

This rug will not only provide a nice and soft surface for your feet to walk upon but it will also act as a nice cover for the floorboards of the house. Most summer houses have the flooring made from wood (like the whole structure) and we all know that wood and bare feet are not exactly a brilliant combination. So it makes sense to get a nice rug to place within the house.

Alternatively, you could use it as a layer to put under the coffee table. This will be particularly effective if your coffee table is made from wood too, having wood on wood is not a look that is particularly inspired however it can be saved with the addition of a rug.

Additional Extras

This summer house needs to be perfectly adequate for the hotter months. This includes family gatherings, small parties and large parties alike. All that being said, there are a few smaller things that are essential to creating the ultimate summer hang out.

These include:

Wine Cooler/Fridge-Freezer
Indoor/Outdoor Heater

These small additions will already schedule your summer house for a couple of events during the season and maybe even more. Getting the family round for a big BBQ is a great way to show off the house in all of it’s glory. You can cook the delicious food, eat inside of the house and then spend the rest of evening chilling out in there.

Perhaps you would like a night in the summer house, get yourself a wine cooler where you can store all different kinds of your favourite wines. Or just a regular fridge-freezer if you’re somebody who does not drink alcohol.

Also, despite how warm the summer can get, you can never quite trust the British weather. So be on the safe side with a heater on standby just in case it gets a bit chilly.


In conclusion, creating this perfect summer house is very similar to creating the perfect living room. You take the same concepts and change them up a little to make them ideal for the higher temperatures.

Have you got a summer house? Let us know how you plan to use this summer!

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