Furniture Trends You Should Be Embracing In 2019

We are now firmly into 2019, we’re sure you’re still playing catch up following the crazy Christmas period and you are probably still finding yourself in the new year. Regardless of all of that though, it is important to start looking ahead at your 2019 and how you are going to adapt your home for the new year, 2019 will be introducing a lot of new trends and bringing back some old favourites so prepare yourself as we break down the furniture trends that are going to be big in 2019…

Oxidized Oak

We always like to make a fuss around here when it comes to Oak furniture. It is always an eye catching piece that can fit into any home set up, it’s just one of the essentials. However there is a significant change this year that is going to separate your oak products from the others out there, instead of going for the basic wooden colour tones, try to go darker and embrace the blackwood that is out there waiting to be utilised.

Black coloured/toned wood is incredibly distinctive as it stands out from the rest of your furnishings immediately and that is an effective that you definitely want to create. It instantly creates an impression on visitors and tells them to look at it. What’s more is that black is a very neutral colour and will fit it with any other colour as it provides a nice contrast to said colour. So go wild with the Black Oak in 2019.

Multi-Functional Furniture

We all love a bit of convenience don’t we? Just those little things that aim to make our lives just that bit easier. While we always do our best to embrace these little things, they seem to go ignored when it comes to furniture, not anymore.

Multi-Functional Furniture is a real option for your home and is growing in popularity more and more every day. They come in all shapes and sizes and can help you by serving more purpose than just being your average seat.

Some of these multi-functional seats can include things such as a cup holder so you can always have a tasty beverage within arms reach for access at any time, perfect for those movie nights. Or if you are looking for that extra level of comfort, some chairs have built in head and back support rests to make your sitting experience even more relaxing.

You can also get massage chairs, bed’s with TV that are built in and much, much more. If you like to get more value from your furniture then you should definitely be embracing this in 2019.

Curvy Style Furniture

The past couple of years have been incredibly focused on getting the straight edged, minimalistic looking furniture however this year is taking a slightly different turn.

Minimalism is going to be taking a back seat in 2019 as the world begins to introduce curves into the living space. Whether you are talking about chairs, couches or tables, everything is going to be getting slightly more curvy in 2019.

Curves are fantastic as they can help with creating a defined outline for your living space, creating a visual barrier as to where the room begins or ends or alternatively can create a more abstract looking area that does not necessarily have an outline at all. It is the versatility of curves that truly make it a standout and is why it deserves a place in your home this year.

Luxury Designed Headboards

Your bed is where you go to completely relax your body after a long day, therefore it should be the most comfortable piece of furniture in the home. You can of course add more comfortable bedding, a better mattress but have you ever thought about your headboard?

These headboards that we are talking about are very beautifully crafted and have a lot of talent behind them, this talent often results in the finished products being the catalyst in maximum comfort, especially when it comes to furniture.

Even better is the design of headboards. There are some truly stunning ones out there that not only provide you with a comfortable sleeping experience but also look absolutely flawless while doing so. The design of the headboard is one of the most important elements of your bed and if you get the right design, you will ahead of the curb in 2019.

Bold Colours, Materials & Patterns

The main idea when it comes to designing your home is to make sure that it is something pleasant to look at for not only you but your guests too.

Being big and bold can be an important impression to make so you want to make sure that you have all of the correct ingredients in order to bring this impression into fruition. One way to do this is by going through your home and looking at where you could use some brighter, more apparent colours to make certain areas of your living area stand out more.

You can also try and embrace some more unique patterns in your home. Whether you are talking about the furniture in your home or perhaps even repainting the walls to display some of these unique designs can really help with emphasizing your vision.

High Gloss & Matte Finishes

You may be thinking that with these you can only have one of the other but that is not the case, why not stand out from the crowd and utilise the capabilities of both.

High Gloss can be an elegant addition to any home thanks to it’s reflective surfaces, which can come across as a form of pure beauty in home furnishings. You are really going to want to start using these in some of your more well lit rooms as they light can help to show off the glossy nature of the product and it also fits in with the design very nicely.

When it comes to using Matte Finishes, these are a lot more adaptable to any kind of room regardless of the lighting set up. Due to their simple looking design and colour variation, they are able to blend in very nicely while also keeping that bold design very much in mind.


In conclusion, 2019 is set to make quite a lot of changes to the living space décor and the main themes to consider is to be bigger, bolder and more outgoing, embracing some older vibes that remind us of what was big in the 80s. The important message of the year is to make an impression, if it get’s your guests talking, you are doing okay.

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