A Note To Our Customers


Dear Customer,

This has been the most unusual of 18 months, and yet time has that terrible habit of marching forwards. We are all just getting back to normal with our double jabs, children going back to school, mask free, and life finally returning to normal. With politicians back to blaming each other over this and that, and the unbearable queues at airports…..it really does feel that everything is getting back to normal!

During lock down, many people have turned their hands to improving their homes, saving money for extensions, and adding that extra wing or granny flat or tv room. In short, the home decor & design has come back into fashion.

This Christmas, whilst feeling a long way off, is not just creeping up on us, it’s actually running full tilt, Usain Bolt, fast. What has made it even worse for home improvement, is that so many component parts for many of our furniture pieces have had delays as a direct result of Covid 19. For UK manufactures, we have had shortages of the chemicals used in the manufacturing of foam interiors; this particular chemical comes exclusively from Germany. Those retailers that bring in “leather” furniture and cabinets from China, Vietnam and the Far East have seen huge delays, with containers stuck on the sea for months on end. Vietnam is going into yet another lockdown and transport costs have tripled.

All these issues have transpired to make this a time to really depend on our Italian and Spanish furniture manufacturers; we have been able to rely on them for speedy delivery and beautifully made designs for our showroom and online shop. Whether it’s dining tables from the North of Italy or upholstery from the South, it’s all coming in just as it was pre Covid. But demand has seen supply outstripped and that’s why, Christmas is actually now only 4 weeks away.

You have 4 Weeks to explore what’s available, select what’s right and place the order that makes your home even more lovely.

Hope to see you in store soon,

All the best,

Phillip and the team

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