The Best Interior Design Trends For Your Home This Summer

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The summer is coming up quickly and it’s about time that you start to readdress your home to best suit the warmer months.

There are a lot of bright and positive elements that you can implement into your living space to make it fit in for the summer. Whether you are looking for new furniture items to change things up or fancying a fresh new look on your walls, there is a lot you can do to make it your own.

The world is your oyster.

70s Scandi

The 70s was a very exciting and interesting era. Bolstering a lot of unique and fun shapes and sizes, making everything have a sense of subtle obscurity to it.

The idea is to create a vibe that is very chilled out and relaxed. This can be achieved by adding in some muted colours and embracing them all across your home. This particular colour palette helps to put your guests at ease as there are not any bright and forceful tones being shoved in their face.

Simple lines and geometric shapes are also an important part of the design. You want to use these shapes to create the feeling of being in the 70s. This time is truly coming back in full force this summer and this is the absolute best way of utilizing the era’s best features in your home.


Is there a brighter colour out there as yellow?

How about a fantastic alternative to yellow in the form of mustard. This colour is most certainly in this summer and the bright tone will sure grab the attention of your guests. Due to it’s similarity to its sister colour yellow, it represents the sun and nice weather, which will naturally cheer up anyone. This gives your living space a great vibe!

The best part is that it is up to you in where you actually use Mustard. You can choose between the walls being this tone, maybe a new sofa of this colour or better yet, spruce up your home with a variety of mustard coloured accessories.

Get creative.

Beautiful Textures

Nothing feels more ‘summery’ than seeing a house utilizing the beautiful sights of the outdoors to influence their interior design.

A big design that you could push is floral designs. The textures used to create these particular pieces generally tend to feel super comfortable and very silky which is perfect for the summer. Not only do they feel great but they also look stunning, the floral design is synonymous with these warmer temperatures so it only seems right.

A good location to truly utilize these features is the bedroom. By getting some stylish bedding in your bedroom, it keeps the thought and aura of summer in your mindset even when you’re going to sleep. It puts your brain in the frame of mind of looking forward to the next day of summer, it can be very relaxing and therapeutic.


You may think we are slightly crazy for including velvet on this list but here us out.

The best thing about velvet is that that it can really be used in any kind of item. You can use some plush fabric, cushions, headboards or even throw pillows. The versatility of this material is rather impressive and when you then delve into what you can make your home look like with it, you will be left floored.

If you are looking for colour direction, the industry seems to be favouring a lot of the cooler tones on the spectrum. We’re talking colours like darker greens, blues and maybe even some gold too. If you combine these velvet items with the other points on this list, it will create an angelic contrast.

Solid Gold

Are you yearning for more glamour in your home? That’s where gold comes in.

Brushed metallic items are glossy and beautiful. They are bound to leave an impression on anyone who comes over to visit. We all want to leave a good impression on our guests and there is really no better impression than a golden one.

As we mentioned, there is a level of glamour that comes with the introduction of gold into the home. Even if it’s just little bits here and there, you’d be surprised how much a little bit of gold can bring to the home when used correctly.

Art Deco

Your home is a piece of art, so why not show that side of it off.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and truly express yourself through the use of many items and choices to show off how truly spectacular of a place your home can be. You can start with a big and bold wallpaper. You want to make sure that it not only makes a statement about you and your home, but also further pushes everything else in your home, be bold.

Following on from that, you could add some fabulous lighting choices to properly brighten up the interior of your home. After that, why not try some mirrors. You would not expect the level of effect that a mirror has on the home, not only are they glamorous but they also can add so much more space to your room, almost like a window into another world.

You can get yourself a large variety of the items we just mentioned and many more on the Abitare website.


So there you have it, some of the most popular interior design trends set to hit big this summer. Creating that summer vibe is crucial as not only is the time coming up very quickly but also it could help to create so many memories that will stick with you for a very long time.

What will you be doing to make your home suited for summer this year? Let us know! Don’t forget to check out our website for a large variety of different products that you can use to help adapt your home for these warm days and those hot summer nights.

Happy designing!

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