How To Make Your House Feel Like A Home

Your house is a special place that is a representation of you, your personality, your interests and everything that makes you, you.

When many first move in to a new house/apartment, it can take some time until it officially becomes your “home”. It can seem like you are just purely visiting a place in the first few weeks but once you start to make it your own, it can truly grow into your home.

Window Dressings

These may seem like insignificant details at first glance, but adding curtains to your home can be incredibly effective in making your place feel more homely.

Dressing your windows adequately goes a long way in adding a hint of personality. You can show your taste though your curtains with the specific design choices and the colour options too, there are so many different options available to you that the world is truly your oyster.

Best of all is that curtains add a feeling of warmth and cosines to any room so with the home idea in mind, these are a fantastic addition for sure.

Artwork & Sculptures

Sticking with the theme of expressing yourself through your home, implementing the world of art in your home can be a wonderful exploration of you as guests peruse the hallways of your home.

Everybody interprets art in a different way, we all see different things in art and we all get different feelings and emotions from art which is the beauty of it.

Displaying some of your favourite pieces around the home present your tastes and flavours to your guests, allowing them to see the type of art that you enjoy looking at and embracing.

Also you can allow your guests to look at your art to see how they view it, it can be a fantastic conversation starter!

Looking to invest in some sculptures and ornaments? Here at Abitare UK we have a wonderful range.

A Rug

One of the more simple entries on this list is the placement of a rug in your living space.

A rug is like adding a level of comfort to your room. It is layer of security that adds warmth, personality and also just simply a soft surface for you to sink your toes into when chilling out at night.

It is pretty essential that you get a rug in your home as it is just purely comfortable. If you would like to see some nice rugs for your home, check out our range here at Abitare UK.

Rustic Tones/Aesthetic

We don’t know about you, but the use of darker, muted tones come across as a tad antagonistic when trying to create a more approachable looking home.

Adding a touch of Rustic Décor can be a big step forward when creating the hospitable vibe. It can overall soften the look of your home and make everything feel like it is a little less scary and minimalistic and is instead an actual home that has been lived in and has many stories.

One of the biggest things to consider when making your house feel like a home is capturing the correct atmosphere and using rustic décor is the perfect gateway to that.

An Organised Outdoor Chill Space

One of the key elements of creating the feeling of a home is the people who live in it.

With summer fast approaching and the weather getting better and better, it is about time that we all start preparing for those long summer nights and family BBQ’s we will undoubtedly be having in a matter of weeks.

This means creating a suitable seating area for the whole family and more to socialize, chat and chill as the hours go by on the clock. With comfortable chairs, a functional dining table, a parasol to go along with that and much more, this will fill out your home with the people who make it special.

A Social Eating Area

Keeping the same concept in mind, bring it over to the interior.

As we mentioned in the previous section, it is of paramount important to emphasize the people who live in your home and the guests who come over to visit. These people are like the finishing touches on turning your house into a home.

Nothing brings people together quite like a good meal, so creating a social eating area is not only a great place to eat said meal, it also creates a wonderful opportunity for socializing and communication at dinner time.

We have a lovely range of dining tables here at Abitare UK, check them out here.

An Idyllic Bedroom Space

The bedroom is one of the most crucial areas of the house so it is important to get this one right.

To help create a homely feel to your bedroom, you should focus on adding cosy looking textiles and plenty of accessories that you will not only enjoy looking at but also potentially use on a regular basis too. This once again makes the room feel lived in which is exactly what you are aiming for.

The bed needs to be soft and warming, it would also be a good idea to have a dressing table in the room, which has a variety of different uses. A wardrobe is also smart, a place to store the most representative items that you own which is of course your clothes.

As we mentioned, the bedroom is crucial so if you can get all of these items to come together in a tasteful fashion then you will be on to a winner.

We have a stunning variety of beds, bedside tables, wardrobes and chest of drawers on our website too.


Turning your house into your home is a process that we all go through.

While it may seem like something that will occur overtime, it is important to make your new living space feel like your own and that means filling it with things that you love and are important to you.

Combine that will everything we mentioned in this article and you will feel right at home in no time.

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