How To Make The Most Out Of A Small Room

There are many different struggles that come with having a small living-room. Not having enough space for everything you have, need to make room for guests and just generally need more space in general. There are many effective ways of utilising the room in your living-space and this guide will help you to utilise all of these useful tips.

Scale Down Your Furniture

If you don’t have much room in your living-area, then don’t fill it with all of these big furniture pieces.

If you have big furnishings inside of your small living-room, it is going to look a bit off, this is why you need to scale your furniture to an appropriate level for your room. It just helps to add a sense of proportion to your room and makes it seems as if it is all put together in one vision, it will make the size feel right rather than overcrowded.

You can even eliminate the sofa altogether if you feel like it is necessary. Instead you can use smaller sized chairs to populate the room rather than having a big sofa that takes up a lot of land mass.

Try Café-Style Seating

As we just mentioned, getting rid of a sofa and utilising simple chairs instead can be a much more space efficient option than having a couch or two.

This is why Café-Style seating could be the perfect option for your smaller living room. They are petite and inclusive meaning that they can easily fit in with the rest of the room without taking up too much space and landing you in the same position that you started in.

Furthermore, if you are the type of person who likes to get people talking about your design choices then these slightly different seating options will most certainly get the conversation flowing. This style of seating is rarely seen in the front room of a home so to embrace that ambience and unleash it in your own home is most certainly bold but also incredibly effective.

Focus On The Best Features In The Room & Highlight Them

It is important to realise how great your living-room already is, this is why you should take a look at your room and discover the parts that jump out at you the most. Once you have identified these specific areas of the room, you can then begin to focus on them and use your furniture to emphasize these specific areas.

What we mean by this is that if you have a stunning fireplace in the middle of the room, you can angle your furniture that is sat in front of it so that they are pointing in the direction of the fireplace. This means that when people walk into the room, they will get the message of: “Look at this!”. It really helps to emphasise the different areas of the room that you feel are the best, so use this idea and apply to three or four different things that you would like to make stand out.

By angling the furniture in that way too, it will make people want to look at it and go and sit by it as it is clearly being displayed as the centrepiece of the room. What’s more is that if you specifically make something the centrepiece, it becomes the linchpin, meaning that everything else revolves around it, adding a sense of space to the room which is why we are here in the first place.

Get Creative With The Layout

One of the many reasons why a lot of us feel like our rooms are too small is because we settle for conventional and frankly boring layouts that have been made the norm over the past few decades, but who says you should follow the norm?

There are plenty of different ways of doing this. Instead of just putting a table as a centrepiece and putting sofa’s and chairs around it, how about using those café-style seats we mentioned earlier and create an almost social space looking room. Have multiple mini areas with a couple of different space for people to chat, it will allow for your guests to have separate conversations from one another while also being able to all talk together, it’s social.

Creating this hub of socialising is great for tricking the mind into thinking the room is bigger than it is. You think of a social space and you don’t think of a cramped room, instead you think of these expansive and daring rooms that’s sole purpose is to make visitors feel at ease in a big space, this is why the layout is incredibly important to get right.

Try Using Neutral Colours

If colours are important to you then you’ll want to listen up for this bit. There are plenty of people who are beginning to bring neutral colours into the living area however what many do not know, is that they are incredibly useful for creating an illusion of bigger space.

Using colours such as Off-White, Grey and Beige help to create a look that is expansive, cosy and reassuring. These colours are becoming increasingly popular with homes across the nation, especially with curtains, chairs and sofas so to get these colours as a part of your pallet is definitely a strong start.

What makes these colours perfect for small rooms is that because of their lighter tones, they can almost act as reflectors. The cushions on your sofas and chairs for example can reflect the light coming in from the window to make it seems as if there is plenty of space for light to bounce around, making it seem as if the room is much bigger.

Introduce Mirrors

Finally, continuing on with the theme of reflection, mirrors are the top priority when it comes to making your room feel bigger.

Placing a couple of mirrors in different areas of the room can make a big change as the light that comes in from the windows of the room, bounces onto the mirrors causing them to reflect the light across the room. The lighter the room is, the more spacious it will seem, that is another reason why you should focus on neutral tones.

Mirrors are very similar to windows as they can act as a viewing point into another world in a sense. Windows help to expand space as what you are looking at almost feels a part of the same space, this exact same philosophy can be applied to mirrors too. While the mirrors would be reflecting the room you are currently in, it still creates an illusion that there is more space in the room beyond the mirror, which is exactly what you are aiming for.

There are plenty of ways of making your room feel as spacious as possible, these were just a few ways of doing so. We all know that living in a small living room can be a bit of a troubling concept at times however we believe that if you embrace these tips and bring them into your living room, you will be expanding your space in no time.

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