How To Create The Perfect Office Space That You Will Want To Work In

We all know the feeling of wanting to get some work done in the home, you want to just be able to buckle down and crack on with what needs to be done, however you are not able to keep the focus there while in your own home. Many of us try to create our own office space within our homes to allow us to have our own area where we can work without any of the distractions.

While this may seem like a challenge, did you know that the design and layout of your office can be incredibly influential in allowing you to focus your brain entirely on your work and get into the zone.

Swivel Chair

The iconic piece of imagery that comes with any office, is a swivel chair. These chairs are incredibly functional and also relaxing for sitting in a similar position for multiple hours at a time.

You can use the wheels to move around in your office and to access different areas of your desk with ease. You can quickly move from one cabinet to another or moving from one side of the desk to do one task and then moving to the other side of the desk to complete another task. Functionality is key when doing work, you want to make everything as easy as possible, this includes mobility.

You also are looking to get a chair that is comfortable as possible. This means getting a chair with a supportive back to make sure your spine and your posture remains healthy. On top of that, a supportive headrest is also key to creating a comfortable working environment so that you can take a sit back when you need a quick rest.


This is also a quintessential piece that is necessary for an office. You want to make sure that the desk you choose is spacious, big enough to fit your computer/laptop, a writing area, files, paper and anything else you feel like you would need on hand while working.

Here at Abitare UK, we have a variety of different console tables that are perfect for desk use. Browse through our range, your brand new desk could be waiting for you.


While working in your office, you are going to build up quite the collection of different files and paper documents that are you are going to want to store by your desk. This is where filing cabinets come in.

You are going to want to nab yourself a couple of filing cabinets to place beside you around the desk area that allows you to store all of the files that you feel like you are going to need to view frequently, having plenty of storage is key with this.

Placing your cabinets beneath the desk is also a nice design choice to consider, just to make your office that small part tidier.

Desk Lamp

Time to shed a bit of light on the subject. It is important to always be able to see what it is that you are doing in order to avoid making silly mistakes. Therefore having a small desk lamp simply resting on your desk will give you that little bit of extra clarity.

While we don’t necessarily recommend it, we know that we all pull some late nights sometimes in order to get the work done, this means working into the night and the morning light, therefore, a small desk lamp is essential.

Furthermore, you can get one small enough that will fit on your desk and also provide you with the light too. We have a large range of desk lamps here at Abitare UK so be sure to browse our range, we’re sure you’ll be blinded by the amount of choice.


Maximising comfort in an office space is important to increasing the workload and keeping it consistent. We already spoke about keeping your head and spine relaxed during working hours, it’s also important to keep your legs relaxed too.

We would recommend putting a small but comfy footstool beneath your desk to help make your office that bit more enticing. It can sit beneath your desk and when the moment comes and you need to stretch out, a lovely comfortable stool is there for you.

We have a lovely range of footstools here at Abitare UK that are perfect for these exact moments, take a look at our collection, we are sure you will find one that will fit perfectly into your ideal office.

Social/Relaxation Area

There is nothing worse than working all day long with no breaks, it is important to take your eyes away from the screen and relax on a lovely, comfy sofa.

By allowing yourself to sit down and relax in a soft, beautifully crafted chair/sofa can bring you so much peace and give your brain the chance to take its mind off of the task at hand for a few minutes while you give yourself to chance to take a breather.

You can also implement some soft carpets into the floor of this designated area to help sooth your body. The feeling of the sofa and the carpet can help with lifting weight off of your shoulders and it will help you to clear your mind. This means that when you return to the desk, you will be looking at things with a refreshed set of eyes and a new perspective on the task at hand.

These chilled out office spaces are becoming more and more popular in modern workplaces and spaces, embrace the trend in your personal office by creating your very own, personalise it too to make it your own.

Combining all of these elements together will create a stunning office environment right in front of your eyes. This will be an office that you will be looking forward to working in and the thought of doing work in it will not be one of dread but will instead be one of gleeful anticipation. There is so much you can do to make it your own and most importantly, make it comfortable, with the help of some of the mentioned Abitare products means that you will create an incredible personal, home office.

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