5 Fun DIY Ideas that inspire!

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Even with things getting back to normality we are still spending more time indoors, focusing on creative pursuits may just help temporarily relieve stress from the outside world.

Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor, shares with us 5 home DIYs that inspire innovation and mindfulness at home.

Tassel wall hanging

Tapping into the art of mindful living during difficult times is a positive step towards leading a more fulfilling life and helps inspire moments of peace and calm. Taking cues from the carefree and natural elements of boho design, this crafty DIY project encourages these aspects of mindfulness by bringing a carefree and relaxing atmosphere into the home.

“Tassel wall hangings have been making a comeback over the last few years with a more modern look while still keeping to its bohemian roots,” Rebecca explains. “This step by step guide will put your creative skills to the test and teaches you to improvise with a ball of yarn and a wood dowel.”

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For more information on this DIY, visit the step by step guide.

Staghorn fern living wall display

With more time indoors, a burst of lush greenery is essential in boosting overall wellbeing. With that in mind, creating a staghorn fern living wall display in the living room or kitchen gives the space a much-needed oxygen boost while lending an eco-friendly decorative touch.

“A staghorn fern living wall display is a stylish and adaptable feature at home that is made with natural materials such as wooden boards, sphagnum moss and hessian fabric,” Rebecca says. “Once nailed into position on the wall, it’s important to water your plants by spraying them weekly.”

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For more information on this DIY, visit the step by step guide

Comic book chair

For comic book fans out there, a decoupage superhero chair injects a fun dose of nostalgia to the home office. Using old comics, PVA glue, scissors and a wooden or metal chair of choice, this DIY can be easily personalised to suit different styles and tastes.

“This DIY is a simple and enjoyable way to refresh your old furniture and brighten up your space,” Rebecca says. “Once you’re done pasting the comic pieces together, make sure to coat your chair with a thin coat of glue and clear varnish to protect your handiwork.”

comic book chair DIY Ideas Comic book chair DIY Ideas


For more information on this DIY, visit the step by step guide.

Shibori tie-dye napkins

Give home accessories a nautical-inspired update by evoking the breezy coastal blues of the sea. Known as Shibori, this Japanese tie-dye technique involves folding, twist or bunching cloth together then dyeing it indigo.

Experimentation is key here and the tie-dye effect brings a summery feel to the home when matched with other natural elements like wood or rattan. “Doing Shibori at home allows you to choose what patterns you want to make depending on how you fold your napkins,” Rebecca advises. “Choose napkins made from natural fibres such as cotton as they will easily soak up the dye compared to synthetic materials.”

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For more information on this DIY, visit the step by step guide.

Art Deco Feature Wall

Bring a glamorous twist to the living room with an Art Deco-inspired feature wall. A chic way to showcase artwork, this DIY project adds texture and interest to the room with its sophisticated yet subtle lines. .

“Make your artwork stand out by choosing contrasting wall colours,” Rebecca advises. “This gives you the opportunity to decide whether you want to create a bold or neutral aesthetic based on the colours you choose. For example, light grey or white walls will let blue patterned-artwork shine as the focal point of the room while highlighting the gilded frames of the feature wall. ”

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For more information on this DIY, visit the step by step guide.

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