Best Interior Design Trends For Your Home This Holiday Season

Winter has firmly arrived and has brought it’s horrible weather along with it, so isn’t it about time that you adapted your home to suit the change in the air? Trends are essential to guiding us in how to decorate our homes and we thought we’d gather some of the most influential interior design trends that will be making waves this holiday season.

Curved Sofas

While this may seem rather rudimentary, employing the right kind of sofa is a key part of getting your home ready for the coming season. Curved Sofas are a unique take on the average couch as they allow for more versatile relaxing options as well as the potential to fit more people into the space of the sofa.

What’s more is that having a curved sofa means that you can create some extremely unique looking living rooms thanks to their unfamiliar shape and this allows for some really interesting outlines to be formed. As you can see, the curved sofas are not only super comfortable but are also offer a variety of different options for ‘chillaxers’ to embrace.

Check out Abitare’s range of sofas and see if we have the right curved one for you and your home!

Embrace Wood

For your next step in creating your trendy home, you are going to want to use as much wood as possible. A phrase that is being used to help emphasize the amount of wood is ‘Woodland Retreat’ and with that you can begin to visualise the concept.

You want to go through and pick out all of the furniture items that you can exchange for a wood variant; dining tables, coffee tables, chairs and much more can be bought in wooden variants. Wood is essentially going to be the back bone of your home and will run through the veins, the point we are trying to make is that you should be using as much wood as you physically can to help create that retreat that we mentioned earlier.

Abitare offer a variety of different wood based products so if there is something you’re missing; we may be able to fill in the gaps.

Organic Earth Tones

While the outdoors are going to be covered with brighter, more exuberant colours thanks to all of the Christmas decorations and potentially snow depending on where you live, you are going to want to compromise on the indoors by utilising some more subdued colours and styles. Examples range from light browns, beige, and dark red colours that will not only help to add tone but also a sense of peace to any room.
You can also use your wood products we mentioned in the previous section to help achieve this as wood is of course a natural earth like colour.

Using these colours will also allow for a nice contrast between your furniture and your Christmas decorations as the bright lights will be rested really nicely against the more understated tones.

Eye Popping Rugs

When it comes to the interior of your home, while your furniture should be focusing more on the subdued side, that doesn’t mean that should apply to your whole home.

Instead of keeping it all in line, why not add some diversity and try some more exotic furnishings to go on the side. Specifically, we are talking about your rugs/carpets. There is a lot of opportunity to have some real fun when you creative with these choices, instead of just having one plain colour, why not try something more out there such as a Harleyquinn style design or chequered looking design to really spice things up.

If you want to get a better idea, check out Abiatre’s ‘Asiatic Arlo Mosaic Rug’ to really get a flavour.

Global Nomad

While you are applying some funky designs onto your rugs, it is also a good idea to embrace the same idea for your cushions and pillows etc; they could even go on our new curved sofa.

Global Nomad is utilising different styles and cultures from different parts of the world. These defined patterns can really make a statement and stand out amongst the rest of your other home furnishings, making them a must have if you are looking to get people talking.

These patterns when placed against your new curved, earth coloured sofa can really stand out and be bold and not only is it impressively stylistic but it is also just really nice for the eyes to look at and that is what interior design is all about.

Turn Your Kitchen Black

We have been heavily focusing on the living room in this article so let’s take a walk over to the kitchen.

While it is still important to highlight the wood in your kitchen (worktops, tables etc;), you can put a fun twist on it when in the kitchen environment. How about going for a monochrome look and painting your wood black, this will make your kitchen a very dark area of the home but will look great as a walk through after you have been in the living space.

Alternatively, if the heavy amount of black is a bit much for you, you can instead use black as more of an outline colour to make your kitchen area a bit more defined. For example, you can use some organic earth colours on your kitchen worktop but instead of applying the same to the barstools, use black barstools to create a nice dynamic between the two. With so many different combinations, it is really up to you with how you customise it for your home.

Winter can often be a difficult month to tailor your home for, not only can colour coordination be a problem, but finding the perfect furnishings can also be a real hassle. However by following this guide you should be able to create a truly wonderful living space that keeps in line with all of the latest interior design trends that are making a statement this holiday season.

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