Autumn 2019 Interior Trends

Minimal 1

As the nights draw in and our home once again turns into a cosy refuge from the cold, it’s time for an interior upgrade. Gone are the bright pops of summer colour and in steps a rich new palette of tones, exciting design trends and must-have accessories for your home.


Away with the clutter, away with the fuss Retro Minimal requires you to consciously think about every piece you include in your home and of course, less is always more.

Great for modest homes and city apartments, the minimalist decorating style is an exercise in restraint, where space, lighting, and objects play equally important roles. To follow this autumn 2019 interior design trend look to brands like Venjakob and Skovby who offer form, style and a minimal attitude that will fit wonderfully into your next room renovation.


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Nature’s presence in the home is a trend that shows no signs of slowing down with natural wood finishes on dining tables, sideboards and bed frames reigning supreme in the style stakes. This autumn, it’s not simply the colours that are inspired by Mother Nature, but the form of the latest furniture, particularly home accessories.

Deknudt Mirrors display that perfectly with their nod to the Nature Form trend with the beautiful Arbo Mirror. The fluid, organic silhouette is designed to look like a split log and hangs elegantly from any wall whether that’s in your hallway or living room.


Wm Hampstead Bed Frame 1

Blue is a cool and calming colour that has burst back into the forefront of interior design with strong navy blue walls being used as an anchor for contemporary lighting and bold accent pieces.

As a move on from strong walls, we’re seeing a dustier blue being used in home accessories and upholstery as presented beautifully here by with the Whitemeadow Hampstead bed frame in an oceanic blue velvet.


Sophisticated Minimal

For many of us a pale colour palette is the absolute go-to but the New Neutral interior trend is pushing the boundaries of neutral design and experimenting with textures, angles and grain to offer a rich tapestry of dimensions within a simple colour scheme.

This trend is all about well executed choices that create intrigue and nobody does that better than Content by Terrence Conran, styled elegantly here with the Standford 4 Door Sideboard.


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