A Guide To Creating The Most Sociable Hang Out Space In Your Home

Our homes are the perfect place to go to after a long day at work or during the weekend to spend some quality time with friends and family, catching up with each others lives or just simply watch TV with. We all believe that our homes are perfectly designed and set up to allow for this kind of thing but we think you might be missing a trick or two, if you want to make the most sociable hang out space to get everyone talking, you may want to embrace some of these ideas.

A Variety Of Comfy Sofas & Chairs

First things first, we all need a place to sit. So if you want to be able to accommodate for absolutely everybody, then you are going to want to get a large variety of different sofas and chairs that guarantee all parties will be comfortable for the whole duration of the time they will be there.

The sofas that you get can be fairly big but most importantly, they have to be comfortable. Your guests are going to be staying for a long time so make sure they are ready for that, maybe with the addition of a recliner sofa.

Drinks go hand in hand with social gatherings, so it would also be a clever idea to get sofas and chairs with cupholders to encourage this. You can’t take the risk of getting drinks spilled all over your lovely new furniture so cup holders would be a sensible investment.

Check out Abitare’s range of chairs and sofas on our site.

A Large, Strong Coffee Table

Acting as a centrepiece for the social space, the coffee table is not only for decoration as it can be used for so much.

You want one that is big enough to allow everyone to place their drinks onto or to place other items that you need within arms length on a regular basis such as a speaker remote or TV remote. Function is incredibly important when it comes to this piece as it needs to serve as the ultimate main attraction of your space that guests can use for their leisure.

With that in mind, it needs to be attractive. You want to be able to catch the eyes of everyone in the room and you won’t do that with your average coffee table. Maybe choose one with a contemporary design to add a modern touch, or perhaps your home is better suited to a classic style.

Be sure to browse our Abitare’s range of coffee tables, we’re sure you’ll find something suited to your taste.

A Big TV Unit

Nothing brings us together quite like big screen entertainment, doing a big TV binging session or getting together for a movie night.

A night in front of the TV never sounds like a bad idea to us and that’s why you will need a strong and dependable unit to support your television. What makes these units great is that they come in so many different styles, materials and shapes that you can choose one that perfectly compliments the rest of your home, your TV and represents your sense of style flawlessly.

What would be useful too is to find a unit with plenty of storage inside of it. This way you can use the extra room to store items such as DVD’s, Blu Rays and more so that they are not just spread across the floor or on the coffee table we mentioned earlier.

Here at Abitare, we have a vast range of TV units that could be perfect for you.

A Mini-Bar/Bar Area

As we mentioned previously, drinks go hand in hand with social gatherings so you should embrace that fact with the addition of a bar in your social space.

You can have an island like structure in the corner of the room which will put a big signal above it letting your guests know that it is the bar specific area. In this area, you can get yourself a wine fridge and regular fridge to store all of the appropriate refreshments and beverages that you and your party will need for your gathering.

We all know that a bar environment will always increase the sociable nature of your room so you should most certainly take that at face value and tell your assembled party to gather around the bar when it’s getting a little quiet, it will definitely help separate you from the crowd.

Pictures/Wall Art/Ornaments

If you are holding a social gathering in your home, you want to give people things to talk about when the conversation begins to die down, that’s where these come in.

By carefully placing a variety of different homely items around the home will allow your guests’s eyes to dance across the room and pick up on said items and will feel the need to comment on them, with this, you can initiate even further conversation. For example, you can talk about your new painting. You can discuss when you got it, how you got it and also just generally discuss your opinions on it.

The same idea can be applied to ornaments and pictures alike. As a bonus, they just look really nice to have around in the room as background decoration and you can’t complain about that.


Your home is already a good starting point when it comes to creating an investing social space but as you can see, there is so much more that you can add to make the space not only more enticing but also to encourage further discussion and this all combines together to create an environment that is both chilled and enjoyable.

If you are looking for some of the items mentioned in this article, you can visit our website and we are sure that you will find something that is ideal for your space and also your home.

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