Calligaris was founded in 1923 by Antonio Calligaris producing the “Marocca” chair, in a small workshop in Friuli and are now one of Europe's leading designers and manufacturers of luxury furniture.

Almost every room in your home could be furnished with Calligaris and there is no doubt that if it was, you would have a beautiful home that is etched in signature Italian style and quality.

From the simple beginnings with the Marocca chair – Calligaris have expanded into stunning ceramic dining tables, exquisite chairs, premium sofas and stylish storage units.

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Cg Adam

Calligaris Adam Sideboard

£1,652.00-£1,894.00 £1,371.16-£1,572.02 Select options
Cg Factory

Calligaris Factory Sideboard 

£1,847.00-£2,103.00 £1,533.01-£1,745.49 Select options

Delta Dining

Calligaris Delta Extending Dining Table

£1,364.00-£2,681.00 £1,132.12-£2,225.23 Select options

Alpha Table 1

Calligaris Alpha Extending Dining Table

£1,827.00-£3,048.00 £1,516.41-£2,529.84 Select options

Icaro Table 1

Calligaris Icaro Extending Dining Table

£3,084.00-£3,854.00 £2,559.72-£3,198.82 Select options
Cg Horizon

Calligaris Horizon Sideboard

£2,129.00-£2,970.00 £1,767.07-£2,465.10 Select options

Secret Side 1

Calligaris Secret 3 Door Sideboard

£2,670.00-£2,850.00 £2,216.10-£2,365.50 Select options
Gala Arms New

Calligaris Gala Arm Dining Chair

£454.00-£563.00 £376.82-£467.29 Select options

Bess Chair

Calligaris Bess Dining Chair

£345.00-£415.00 £286.35-£344.45 Select options

Aida Soft 2

Calligaris Aida Soft Leatherette Dining Chair

£230.00 £190.90 Select options

Gala 2

Calligaris Gala Side Dining Chair

£391.00-£484.00 £324.53-£401.72 Select options
Cg Opera

Calligaris Opera Sideboard

£2,612.00-£3,099.00 £2,167.96-£2,572.17 Select options

Cg Bridge

Calligaris Bridge Side Table

£600.00 £498.00 Select options
Calligaris Etoile 1

Calligaris Etoile Dining Chair

£371.00-£424.50 £307.93-£352.34 Select options

Cg Bam Circle

Calligaris Bam Circle Coffee Table

£738.00 £612.54 Select options