How to Spruce up your Home for Spring


After what seems like the longest Winter of all time, we are finally ready to welcome the Spring! Moving from one season to the next always brings us a little relief; by the end of Winter, we have grown tired of the dark nights and the bitterness of the cold winds; it is time for a little light.

Here comes the sun.

Springtime is a time for new beginnings, where flowers begin to bloom and the frost begins to thaw. Whether we are in the midst of an urban city, or whether we are on a tranquil farm in the English countryside, we can all feel that gentle shift towards Spring. Needless to say, the Spring does require a few little tweaks to our homes; no one wants a dark house filled with thick curtains and heavy blankets when we are trying to embrace the new season.

If you are at a loss for how to spruce up your home for Spring, we have a few tips to help you get started!

Classic Spring clean

cleaning-supplies-spring-cleanSo this one is pretty obvious, but with the hectic lifestyles that we lead, we often forget to give our homes a good Spring clean. Winter is usually a hibernation period where we stay inside, order take-aways, and binge watch new tv shows on Netflix; this can result in a house that is messy, disorganised, and generally chaotic!

Spring is a time to feel fresh and breezy, which means giving your home a little TLC. First things first, you might want to consider having a good clear out of unnecessary clutter; pack away your Winter coats and throw out those crumpled leaflets from your local pizza place. As they say, a tidy home equals a tidy mind.

Next on the list: get organised! To truly embrace the Spring, you need to sort out all those nick nacks, birthday cards, and loose change that has been sitting on your mantlepiece for the last five months. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us! Sometimes, the best way to arrange all your trinkets is to spruce up your shelves and storage units, or better yet, invest in some new ones.

Midas BookcaseThe Midas bookcase is the perfect solution for showcasing all your bits and bobs; although the piece is called a bookcase, it can be used as a great storage unit to display your vases, house plants, and other miscellaneous items. Not only is this piece practical, but it is beautifully crafted and contemporary, making it the perfect compliment to your living, dining room or hallway.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore; it can even be a little fun! Organising all your things makes the entire atmosphere of your home feel more relaxed, whilst also giving you a chance to find all the odds and ends you had forgotten about.

Simple but sweet

Preparing your home for the new season does not have to be a time-consuming project for a full blown renovation; the best thing to do is to keep it simple. Minimalistic furniture and a soft colour palette can make all the difference when it comes to freshening up your interior design. Furniture that is functional and sleek can be the perfect addition to a Spring-spruced home; imagine light wooden tables and soft, cream armchairs that work together to make your home a seasonal sanctuary.

Making your home less cluttered and more minimalistic makes for a less stressful home; choosing furniture pieces that are functional means that your rooms appear spacious and navigable. The entire point of minimalism and practical design is that you have furniture that you need, as oppose to a jumble of stuff that doesn’t serve a purpose. Say goodbye to the days of loosing your car keys beneath a stack of 2-month-old magazines, and hello to order. The spring season invokes the idea of ‘out with the old, and in with the new’; this saying encourages us to let go of things which we no longer need and embrace the concept of moving forward.

Venjakob Dining TableBy decluttering your life and inviting functional aspects into your interior space, you are allowing your home to become a calm, organised place where you can unwind. Venjakob are the perfect furniture brand when it comes to utility and elegance; this German-made furniture takes inspiration from classic Scandinavian furniture design, focusing on simplicity and naturalism. The Venjakob wooden dining table is great for any family home as it is available in a range of different sizes and comes with two additional folding leaf options. Venjakob designs offer high quality furniture that gives you everything you need and more.


Add a Splash of PaintYellow paint roller

Another top tip is to give your walls a fresh lick of paint. The Interior walls of our homes are built to house the people who live there; this often means that they put up with a lot of scrapes, scuffs, and general wear and tear that makes them look a little run down. Showing your walls a little love can go a long way when it comes to sprucing up your home.

To give your interior space a fresh new look, you need to get your paint speckled overalls on and head down to your local DIY store. Depending on what look you are going for, you can get a tin of paint that matches the current colour of your walls; this will inject some life back into them and give them the spruce they so desperately need. If you are feeling a little more adventurous, you can always opt for a brand new colour and get creative with a new design scheme. Whichever paint you choose, your walls will appreciate some attention.

Flock to Floral


Last but not least, introduce a few florals. As well as displaying some bouquets of flowers around the home, you might also consider some flowery fabrics to capture the natural essence of Spring. Using pops of bright colours in flower prints can really accentuate the freshness and the beauty of Springtime; our FAMA collection create sofas unlike any other. These sofas and armchairs are not only comfortable, but brighten every home with bursts of pattern and colour; these unique pieces encourage cuddles and snuggles with loved ones, allowing you to sink into relaxation.

No matter what style of home you have, there are so many little things you can do to bring in the Spring.

Fama Floral

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