Grey Living Room Ideas: The Monochrome Home

Grey Living Room

Thinking of redesigning your living room but can’t find inspiration?


That’s all we have to say. Grey, more grey, and a touch of grey over there. In the past, this colour has been greatly unappreciated in the world of interior design; it has been viewed as dull, lifeless, and dreary. But no more.

Grey has become a popular design trend that has been reimagined by interior design experts who define the colour as elegant, sophisticated, and classy. After reading this article, you will be an expert in all things grey; we will show you the best ways to layer grey hues, incorporate pops of colour, and use softer materials to create perfect harmony in your living room.

Are you ready to get grey?

Shades of Grey

Despite our preconceptions about the colour, there is actually more than one shade of grey. In terms of painting your living room walls, you may be interested to know that Dulux have more than 20 shades of grey, while Farrow & Ball have 25; it’s not quite fifty, but it’s certainly enough to be getting on with.

When choosing your wall paint and furniture, you need to consider what type of atmosphere you want to create within the room; do you want it to be soothing? Do you want it to be bold? Do you want it to be energetic? There are so many different moods that can be created and enhanced by the use of colour. A living room is often a place where we go to relax and unwind, and so creating a tranquil atmosphere

To create a calm atmosphere, using a variety of greys can create depth within your living room. For instance, a charcoal grey sofa paired with a light, dove-tail grey wall creates a calming space which is balanced and symmetrical.

Grey-sofa-abitareFinding the perfect grey sofa can be a challenge, but the Natuzzi collection is sure to add a little luxury to your grey living room. This classic Chesterfield sofa combines Italian charm with a traditionally British style; there is something rather vintage about the design, but with a modern twist that fits a contemporary home style. The texture and plushness of this sofa is perfect for softening your layered grey walls, resulting in the ultimate space for relaxation.

The Dark Side of Grey


Choosing a dark colour palette for your living room is something that we are often reluctant to do. Although we admire interior designers who use blacks and navy blues to define their home style, we are never brave enough to take the plunge in our own homes. Deep dark grey can be a great tool for making a statement and truly stepping out of your comfort zone. Of course, using this dark colour must be done in the right way.

If you are coming over to the dark side, there are a few things to bear in mind. Firstly, do it. Being scared of the outcome is what stops creativity in its tracks; make a decision and go with it. Secondly, introduce light into your living room. Interior design is all about balance. Painting the walls dark grey and choosing dark grey furniture means that you need to bring in some light.

If possible, ensure that your dark grey wall is positioned opposite a window; the window will allow sunlight onto the wall and soften the colours to make them less harsh. Alternatively, to equalise the dark grey colour palette, hang a variety of large mirrors around your living room; mirrors allow light to be captured and reflected throughout the room, making it feel brighter and larger.

Another design trick is to incorporate large green plants; the dark grey colour palette paired with the greenery of the plants will add a touch of drama and depth to your grey living room.

CharcoalGrey ChairIf you are committing to the dark side of grey, you may want to add a statement chair to complete the look. This Grey Oliver Armchair is a stylish contemporary piece that combines rustic colours and materials to suit a contemporary interior. The back of the Oliver dining chair has distinctive diamond stitching which continues around each side covering the arms which add both texture and comfort. Just imagine this chair resting in front of your dark grey wall, with a textured blanket draped across it to add a contrast to the darkness of the faux leather.

Grey with a Pop of Colour

By this point, you may be thinking that grey isn’t for you and that, even though it can be stylish and modern, you would still prefer something more colourful. Well, why not have both?


Grey can be used as a base colour to build upon; starting with a neutral colour, like grey, allows you to incorporate colour, artwork, and statement accessories without it being ‘too much’. Imagine a light grey wall, dark grey armchairs, soft grey carpet, and then a collection of bright, bold pop art splattered across the walls. Using grey as a theme that runs across your living room gives you the freedom to express yourself through bold coloured rugs, throws, lighting fixtures, and pieces of art.

Grey-faux-leather-benchSleek, modern furniture is the perfect way to invite contemporary elegance into your home. Designs that focus on line and shape often establish a sophisticated style within an interior space. This Grey Cooper Bench incorporates a rustic finished faux leather that will add an industrial style to your living room. Pairing the minimalism of this bench with the refinement of your grey living room will create a wonderfully urban interior. This would also work in a grey living room with pops of colour, as it would create a stark contrast between minimalism and maximalism.

Whichever style you decide to incorporate into your home, there is no denying that grey is the way. Grey can be incorporated into your interior design no matter what home style you have; exude luxury and elegance with the grey way.  Discover more living room decor ideas and transform your home into a haven of luxury and comfort.

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