Start saving the environment with your sofa

Bottle In Ocean Forever Fabric

It is critical to protect the environment now more than ever, to reduce the destruction of eco-systems caused by US… Air and water pollution, global warming, smog, acid rain, deforestation, wildfires are just a few of the environmental issues that we are facing right now

So what can we do to help?

Did you know that buying a couch could help save the environment… A couch yes?!

Introducing “Forever” a range of 100% recycled fabrics available exclusively from Ashwood Designs.

Produced from ocean plastic Forever fabric is made up entirely of waste. This includes regular recycled post-consumer plastic bottles (PET), recycled post-consumer plastic from ocean waste (upcycled marine PET) and upcycled cotton from garments, this fabric is available in a spectrum of colour, boasting a soft touch whilst being extremely hardwearing.

With a reduced carbon footprint over other fabrics, Ashwood designs are proud to offer forever across all our ranges…

Forever Cdu Template With Print 2

Recycled polyester: the pros

Keeping plastics from going to landfill and the ocean – Recycled polyester gives a second life to a material that’s not biodegradable and would otherwise end up in landfill or the ocean. According to the NGO Ocean Conservancy, 8 million metric tons of plastic enter the ocean every year, on top of the estimated 150 million metric tons that currently circulate in marine environments. If we keep this pace, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Plastic has been found in 60 percent of all seabirds and 100 percent of all sea turtle species, because they mistake plastic for food.

rPET is just as good as virgin polyester, but takes less resources to make – Recycled polyester is almost the same as virgin polyester in terms of quality, but its production requires 59 percent less energy compared to virgin polyester, according to a 2017 study by the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment. WRAP estimates rPET’s production to reduce CO2 emissions by 32 percent in comparison to regular polyester. “If you look at life cycle assessments, rPET scores significantly better than virgin PET,” adds Magruder.

If you want to start saving the environment with your sofa see the Forever Fabric range here… Don’t forget to see the gallery below too! 👀👀


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