5 Ways to Cosy Up your Home for Winter

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Do you have a hankering to hunker down in the warm this winter? When the mornings are darker and the nights are colder, it’s important to create a cosy living space to curl up in. The Winter always seems to creep up on us, creating a feeling of gloom and anguish.

Maybe, instead of dreading the drive to work on icy roads, anticipate the warm mugs of hot chocolate, the snuggly blankets and your patchwork armchair next to the fireplace. This post will give you all the information you need to get excited about bedding in for the colder months!

Why Cosy Up?

The way that you choose to style your interior space deciphers whether it is a house or a home. The atmosphere of your living space can affect how you feel after a long day at work; will you feel calm and relaxed? or will you feel stressed?

Creating that cosy winter aesthetic will welcome you in from the cold and invite you to hole up for the night with your favourite book. Take a look at our top tips for transforming your house into a Winter haven.

#1 A Softer Seat for a Real Treat Ashwood Maison 1

Adding a comfy couch or a cuddly chair to your home is an absolute must when it comes to creating your homey living space. The perfect sofa or armchair will allow you to sink into relaxation and forget the stresses of the outside world.

For many people, the sofa is the heart of the living room; it welcomes friends and family to share stories around the fireplace or pass around the popcorn on a Saturday night. Establishing this communal space draws warmth into the centre of the household and pushes the wintry chill out the door.

Investing in the perfect seating for your lounge area will set you up for life. You will no longer wriggle around on a wooden kitchen stool, or feel the backache from those straight-backed office chairs; your new living room will make the long Winter days seem somewhat shorter. BestLife agrees with our top tips and offers some extra interior design advice for those truly committing to the Winter aesthetic https://bestlifeonline.com/cozy-home-winter/. It is important that you treat yourself to a little luxury after a gruelling day at the office.

If you wanted to get even toastier, you can get your snuggle on with one of Abitare’s snuggler chairs. Not only will you be able to spread out by yourself and eat junk food, but you can squeeze in with your other half if you’re feeling romantic. What better way to shut out the cold?

To get cosy, check out our collection by Ashwood Designs and visit https://www.abitareuk.com/brands/ashwood-designs/

#2 Snug as bug? Need a rug?

AsiaticWaking up at 7:00am on a Monday morning is already hard enough, but when it’s dark, cold and raining outside, it becomes even harder! No one enjoys dragging themselves out of bed, only to be greeted by the cold hardwood floor on their feet. Mornings like this make it nigh-on impossible to face the day.

Introducing a soft rug changes the atmosphere of any room in the house. A rug warms cold feet and provides a softer feel to a bedroom or living area. Some interior designers even opt for heated rugs, as suggested by ‘In Two Homes’ at https://bit.ly/3oJYmCC. Rugs muffle loud noises and quieten a room, enabling you to adjust to the morning without the fear of creaking floorboards.

Placing a cosy rug over harsher materials creates a beautiful contrast of textures and initiates balance within a space. Roll out of bed with warm feet and hushed sounds and make Monday morning a little more bearable.

That’s why Asiatic London is perfect for you this Winter  https://www.abitareuk.com/brands/asiatic/

#3 Knock on wood


Ever wondered why wooden furniture is considered such a classic choice for home decor? From Oakwood dining tables to Mahogany coffee tables, homemakers have always been obsessed with wood! There is something about wooden features that warm up the home and welcome you in; By incorporating wood into your interior design, you are honouring the raw materials of nature. This idea is associated with the Scandinavian concept of ‘hygge’ which has become a popular styling trend in recent years.

‘Hygge’ is characterised by its’ quality of coziness and contentment, which fits in with the aesthetic we are helping you to create in your home. Much of the Scandinavian style for the home is rather minimalist and believe in the notion of ‘less is more’.  Bosch give us a few other DIY tips on how to achieve the ‘hygge’ style for  interior design  https://bit.ly/2IDMPoN. Wooden features can be used to compliment your home and instil a sense of comfort within its’ occupants. Adding some wooden furniture celebrates the winter, by drawing nature in, while also remaining warm and toasty.

Perhaps you should ‘touch wood’ this Winter and browse our incredible Venjakob collection https://www.abitareuk.com/brands/venjakob/

#4 Light up your NightsScreen Shot 2020 12 15 At 17.15.43

One thing that we all hate about Winter is the darker days. When all the Christmas festivities draws to a close, we are left in a brand-new year cloaked in complete and utter darkness. The only thing worse than darkness is harsh, bright lights that blind you before you’ve even opened your eyes in the morning. Well, this is the perfect opportunity to invest in some soft, ambient lighting to warm up your home.

There is something about the gentle glow of a room that romanticises Winter, and we finally begin to enjoy the rainy days from our homely hideaway.With the right lighting, a few taper candles and a good book, you will feel like you’ve wondered right into a Jane Austen novel! Who doesn’t love a period drama? DFS suggest combining warm lighting and candles to create the ultimate cosy setting  https://bit.ly/2KfzVO6.

Warm lighting is a great way of recreating natural light, ergo, keeping daylight alive in your own home. If the wintery season refuses to give you light and warmth, Abitare has got you covered.

Relight your nights with Illuminati Lighting  https://www.abitareuk.com/brands/illuminati-lighting/

#5 Naturally Neutral

Wm Sussex Main

When you walk into a new space, your senses are immediately overwhelmed with smells, textures, and most importantly, colours. These sensory factors are so important in contributing to the overall mood of a room. There are numerous colour schemes that can work for Winter, as highlighted by Elle Decor in their winter colour palettes article https://bit.ly/3n3WDYa

Having said that, everyone has their personal favourites and for me, the cosy Winter style includes an array of whites, blues, greys and silvers to reflect the cool tones of the season. The science behind these colours are thought to invoke feelings of tranquility and relaxation. However, there is a danger of making the space too clinical and harsh; this is where you need to include soft materials in rugs, throws, plush cushions and blankets. The contrast of the cool colours with accents of texture create the perfect balance, resulting in a soothing, homey space.

To find an array of neutral Winter colours, check out Whitedesigns collection at https://www.abitareuk.com/brands/whitedesigns/

There you have it. The perfect recipe for ‘cosying up’ your home this Winter. if you are able to incorporate each of these features in your home, you will have designed your own interior winter wonderland. Even choosing to invest in one of these tips will make a dramatic difference to your home and to the way that you feel on those cold, bleak Winter nights. You could choose to opt for some wooden accents and ‘hygge’ up your home, the Scandinavian way; or you could treat yourself to a new soft furnishing to complete your family lounge. Whichever tip you take on, make sure you appreciate the cosy months ahead and enjoy the rest of the season.

How do you plan to make your home more cosy? Explore the Abitare website today and get cozied up at https://www.abitareuk.com/


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