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Product Description

The Octaspring 8000 is our most popular and versatile mattress made of three deep layers of the unique Octaspring foam springs. Experience extraordinary ventilation that keeps you cool and fresh all night long, while delivering outstanding comfort and cradling memory foam support for your body. You will get comfortable quicker, fall asleep faster, spend more time in deep sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. That is what sleeping on the next generation mattress means. That is the difference Octaspring makes.

The Octaspring Promise…

You’ll fall asleep faster, sleep deeper and wake up feeling more refreshed – that’s what sleeping on the next generation of mattress means – that’s the difference Octaspring makes. Supportive Memory Foam Layer – The Vito-elastic pressure relieving material moulds around your body shape to ensure you have maximum comfort. This feature remembers its original shape and returns to its shape night after night.

Breathable Octaspring Technology –

    • The memory foam springs are 8x more breathable than a traditional memory foam mattress. They move three dimensionally and delivers maximum comfort and support.
    • 8x More Breathable  -The Octasprings have unique ventilation feature which helps constant airflow for a cooler mattress.
    • 1x Octaspring Layer – The Octaspring layer creates a memory foam feel and keeps the mattress cool.
    • Ecofresh Treatment – The Ecofresh treatment is an environmentally friendly protection which is made from natural probiotic ingredients to protect your mattress from allergens, dust mires and bacteria.
    • No Flip, Just Rotate Design – This mattress doesn’t require flipping over just rotating 180 degrees.
    • No Transfer of Movement – The memory foam in this mattress ensures that you won’t feel your partner getting in or out of the bed and ensures you get an undisturbed nights sleep.

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Dormeo has been the home of a great night’s sleep for 15 years and has made a huge impact on millions of people all around the world. This special anniversary is a celebration of international success that has contributed to bringing a revolution to the sleeping industry and has educated consumers, who are now more aware that healthy sleep is one of the most important pillars of a happy and fulfilling life.

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