Alexander and James Vivienne Maxi Sofa

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  • Artisan Plain Stone Grade A
  • Aurora Black Leather
  • Aurora Indigo Leather
  • Aurora Lagoon Leather
  • Aurora Pewter Leather
  • Bound Tan Boy Leather
  • Byron Brogue Leather
  • Byron Firestone Leather
  • Byron Tumbleweed Leather
  • Cal Smoke Leather
  • Cal Tan Leather
  • Cal Vintage Leather
  • Chinook Cocoa Leather
  • Cocoon Buttermilk Grade A
  • Devore Fossil Grade C
  • Devore Syrup Grade C
  • Indiana Smoke Leather
  • Indiana Stone Leather
  • Indiana Tan Leather
  • Jin Black Leather
  • Jin Brown Leather
  • Jin Siberian Leather
  • Lavish Darkly Grade D
  • Lavish Emerald Grade D
  • Mystere Scarlet Grade A
  • Pastiche Chocolate Grade C
  • Pastiche Sage Grade C
  • Plush Asphalt Grade A
  • Plush Brinjal Grade A
  • Plush Burgundy Grade A
  • Plush Chocolate Grade A
  • Plush Honeycreeper Grade A
  • Plush Mallard Grade A
  • Plush Marmalade Grade A
  • Plush Mole Grade A
  • Plush Ochre Grade A
  • Plush Peacock Grade A
  • Plush Platinum Grade A
  • Plush Rose Grade A
  • Plush Sable Grade A
  • Plush Slate Grade A
  • Plush Teal Grade A
  • Plush Turmeric Grade A
  • Poole Mocha Grade D
  • Tote Flint Leather
  • Tote Night Leather
  • Tote Storm Leather
  • Tote Tiramisu Leather
  • Traditional Herringbone Camel Grade D
  • Venetian Marmalade Grade C
  • Venetian Ochre Grade C
  • Venetian Sable Grade C
  • Dark Wood
  • Weathered Oak
  • Antique Stud
  • Pewter Stud
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Product Description

The Vivienne maxi sofa by Alexander and James is a stunning chesterfield sofa. This sofa features studded arms and wooden legs to give you a rustic design to liven up any dull living room! The deep set seating cushion will provide you with hours of comfort everyday! The Vivienne sofa is available in many fabric and leather options which will help you tailor this sofa to your home.

Alexander and James’s sofas, chairs and footstools are hand crafted using the finest materials. The leathers they use are all natural and age gracefully. The wood that are used to create the legs are retrieved from sustainable forests to create A&J’s beautifully crafted legs. To perfect their chairs A&J have filled their chairs using feathers, foam and fibre to give you hours of comfort!

All our prices include the full cushion pack.

Technical Specification:

Dimensions – W232 x D125 x H72cm

Additional Information

A&J Cover

Artisan Plain Stone Grade A, Aurora Black Leather, Aurora Indigo Leather, Aurora Lagoon Leather, Aurora Pewter Leather, Bound Tan Boy Leather, Byron Brogue Leather, Byron Firestone Leather, Byron Tumbleweed Leather, Cal Smoke Leather, Cal Tan Leather, Cal Vintage Leather, Chinook Cocoa Leather, Cocoon Buttermilk Grade A, Devore Fossil Grade C, Devore Syrup Grade C, Indiana Smoke Leather, Indiana Stone Leather, Indiana Tan Leather, Jin Black Leather, Jin Brown Leather, Jin Siberian Leather, Lavish Darkly Grade D, Lavish Emerald Grade D, Mystere Scarlet Grade A, Pastiche Chocolate Grade C, Pastiche Sage Grade C, Plush Asphalt Grade A, Plush Brinjal Grade A, Plush Burgundy Grade A, Plush Chocolate Grade A, Plush Honeycreeper Grade A, Plush Mallard Grade A, Plush Marmalade Grade A, Plush Mole Grade A, Plush Ochre Grade A, Plush Peacock Grade A, Plush Platinum Grade A, Plush Rose Grade A, Plush Sable Grade A, Plush Slate Grade A, Plush Teal Grade A, Plush Turmeric Grade A, Poole Mocha Grade D, Tote Flint Leather, Tote Night Leather, Tote Storm Leather, Tote Tiramisu Leather, Traditional Herringbone Camel Grade D, Venetian Marmalade Grade C, Venetian Ochre Grade C, Venetian Sable Grade C

A&J Feet

Dark Wood, Weathered Oak

Stud Colour

Antique Stud, Pewter Stud


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