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Our enduring relationship with Natuzzi has grown stronger over the years, even as Natuzzi has established its own concessions stores across the UK. We continue to maintain a robust partnership with one of the world’s premier manufacturers of leather furniture.

At Abitare, our commitment goes beyond offering competitive prices on Natuzzi products. We place utmost importance on ensuring that our clients receive expert guidance in selecting the ideal Natuzzi sofa or Natuzzi model with the right covering to suit their specific needs. As a family-owned business, we understand that even a Natuzzi sofa, when paired with the wrong covering, can fail to meet our clients’ expectations. Our priority is to ensure the perfect match between the sofa and the covering for the intended application.

Discover Natuzzi Editions UK at Abitare today and experience the epitome of quality, comfort, and style. Let our experts guide you towards finding the perfect addition to your home.


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We believe that this attention to detail, which goes beyond competitive pricing and free delivery, is what truly matters when it comes to the furnishings that grace your home. It’s all about how they look, feel, and age over time. Abitare and our dedicated staff are committed to providing you with not only the best prices but also the most informed guidance, ensuring that you make the right choice for your home. We showcase only a few of the best-selling styles online, so if you don’t see the Natuzzi sofa, chair or accessory that you want to buy online, please 

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