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Experience Italian-made luxury with the Natuzzi range…

For over 30 years we have been a trusted partner of Natuzzi Italia. Abitare has grown with Natuzzi hand in hand and even though there are now Natuzzi concessions store partners in the UK, Abitare maintains a stronger than ever relationship with one of the world’s finest manufacturers of leather furniture.

As one of the top Galleries in the UK all the furnishings that come from Abitare are produced at the Natuzzi factory in the South of Italy near Matera. Here the best craftsman produce the finest models designed by the Natuzzi family.

At Abitare it isn’t just a case of offering our clients the best prices on all Natuzzi models but more importantly making sure that the client gets the best possible advice to select the correct model and covering, for their needs. Being a family business this is vital as even a Natuzzi sofa, in the wrong covering, can turn out to be something that doesn’t measure up to the expectations of the clients. Making sure the right leather goes on the right sofa for the right application, is more important than us offering the greatest price and free delivery. What matters is the furnishings that actually sit at home. How they look and feel and age.

Abitare and staff will make sure that you get the absolute best advice before getting down to the absolute best price.


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Accent chairs

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