Decorating Your Home With Cattelan Italia

Cattelan Italia is an incredibly well regarded and trusted furniture brand that has been established since the late 1970s. Over the years they have continued to develop and grow into a brand that is known for their designs and adaption to changes. With worldwide representation, it’s safe to say that Cattelan Italia are no strangers to your average interior designer and with that in mind, if you are looking for some high quality Italian furniture then you should look no further than these guys.

We all love a good redecoration of our home so why not do it with the best of the best. In this guide, we will show you all of the best products from Cattelan Italia and how you can use them to upgrade your home.

The best part is, all of these products are available here at Abitare UK.

Cattelan Italia Eliot Keramik Drive

Let’s start off with an essential, a dining table. We all need somewhere to eat our meals every day and there is really no better option than this.

The EKD dining table is not only functional but also incredibly stylish. The table is available in a range of different colours from titanium to graphic or even black if you prefer. With this range of colours available, you can choose one that perfectly compliments your home and your dining room allowing for the table to be placed majestically into your home.

Best of all, this table is an extender. So if you are hosting a party, or get a couple of extra unexpected guests for dinner, you can simply open up the table and you instantly have more room at the dinner table. This is an absolute win by any regard.

Cattelan Italia Arsenal Bookcase

If you are looking for a modern alternative for your bookcase, you should definitely take a look at the Arsenal.

Featuring an undeniable aesthetic that sticks in your mind, this is a piece that will stand out amongst not just other bookcases, but the other furniture in your home. If you are wanting to get your guests talking about your furniture, then this one could be a conversation starter for sure. It’s adaptable for any home with a variety of colours available too.

What’s more is that the piece can be assembled left or right, meaning that if you want to change the direction of the shelving to better suit your design then you can do that with no problems.

Cattelan Italia Arizona Sideboard


Acting as a divine side offering, the Arizona Sideboard is certainly one to catch the eyes of anybody who happens to walk past it in your home.

Coming with beautiful brushed bronze doors gives this particular piece a sense of uniqueness that is not often found with sideboards of this style. Combine that with the extra clear mock painted glass top which only further adds to the sense of style that this piece carries on its shoulders. If you are in the market for a good looking sideboard, you could most definitely do a lot worse than this one.

The feet of the sideboard also come in two different sizes are embroiled with black embossed lacquered paint so you can choose which size is right for you. Also the internal shelves come in a contrasting graphite that creates an effect that should not work on paper but comes together in just the right ways when viewed through your own eyes.

The Arizona Sideboard comes in three different sizes so regardless of setting/style, it will find a place in your home.

Cattelan Italia Billy Coffee Table

As a nation, we could not live without our hot drinks. So the addition of a coffee table became an absolute must for any household.

The base of the table is available in either chromed steel or black lacquered steel which provides you with the choice of whichever shade best fits the decor of your living room. You also want to make sure that it matches up with your top of choice.

Coming in a coloured variant or mirrored glass, you can create a combination that not only looks fantastic but is also a perfect representation of your sense and style through the coffee table alone.

We are particularly fond of the brushed bronze steel base with the mirrored bronze glass but that’s just us, which one are you a fan of?

Cattelan Italia Island Desk

In the home, we all need a little area where we can escape from the craziness and get on with some important work or take a read of a document that requires your immediate attention. In this occasions, it’s best to go to your desk.

If you do not already have a desk in your home, you might want to think about changing that narrative by taking a look at the Island Desk. What makes this desk a stunner is its stainless steel base which has a reflective element to it which create a glamorous effect when placed in the corner of the room.

Also you can choose from two different variations of the top. The extra clear glass top can be appreciated in either an angelic white colour or if you’d rather, canaletto walnut. Either of these colours will for sure be a beautiful addition for any home set up and given that it will likely sit to the side of room, it will be a nice side addition rather than a bold distraction.


As you can see, Cattelan Italia really do have every single base covered when it comes to giving your home all of the essentials that it needs. If you choose to embrace Cattelan Italia into your home then you will rapidly come to discover that their range of products are not only functional to serve their individual purpose but they also are stunning companion pieces to your home.

So in conclusion, if you want a bespoke and beautiful alternative to any of your household furniture then Cattelan Italia could be the way to go.

If you want to see the full range of Cattelan Italia products available at Abitare UK then please click here:

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