How To Make Your Home More Modern

Nobody wants to be stuck in the past or wants their home to feel out of date. That’s why it is important to keep your home modernized and with the times so you are not falling behind.

In this guide we will help you make some changes to your home to make it more modern and more up to date.


One of the most important elements of a modern home is minimalism.

Taking the time to go through your home and getting rid of everything that you believe you do not need can be a time consuming task but is definitely one that is beneficial to you in the long term.

You have to be ruthless and seriously consider how much you need something, however you will feel cleansed after a big clear out as you will have so much more room than you had previously.

It may sound simple but by clearing out your home, it will allow you to be more creative due to the extra wiggle room that you now have, you can maybe include some of the other entries on this list.

Bring In Life

These days, indoors and outdoors are not separate entities. That’s why many of us have plant life inside of our homes as well as in our gardens.

You can use some of your new found space to perhaps place some beautiful plants and flora into your living space. The addition can add some much needed greenery to the home and not only do they spice up the colour palette, they also are just very pretty to look at.

It helps to give your home a natural touch which is something very popular with modern designed homes. When it comes to keeping your home up to date, you cannot go wrong by following the current trends.

When done well, this trend can make a space feel light and colourful which is exactly what we are aiming for.

Open Plan Living

Speaking of trends, something that you would have seen increase in popularity in recent years has been the idea of open plan rooms.

These ultimately aim to combine multiple rooms into one bigger space to make it the epicenter for everything in your home. The most common kind is the combined living-room/kitchen, keeping the living-room to one side of the room and the kitchen on the other side of the room.

With no doors or windows, it allows for incredibly easy accessibility at all times which can be great for those moments when you need to float back and forth between the two and with this idea you can do that effortlessly.

Use Neutral/Muted

When you first read that title. It probably did not sound too pleasant however just allow us to explain.

As we mentioned earlier, minimalism is key when it comes to designing a modern home and this included the appearance of many more neutral tones such as grey and white. Many think the key to having a stunning, modern home is to have an explosion of colour but that could not be further from the truth.

What makes these more muted tones work is the fact that they can fit with most other colours. So if you get yourself a grey sofa, it will fit perfectly with other colourful items that you may find yourself purchasing.

Choose Impactful/Stand Out Accents

Going hand in hand with our previous point, to contrast with the more neutral colours you will want to use more bright and attractive tones.

What you are aiming for is a look where the core fundamentals of your room is subtle and understated but the outline of it all has a outreach that demands attention. This will catch the eyes of your visitors and cause them to look more at the finer details of your new, modern home.

For example, you could have a grey sofa in the middle of your living room but then have bright yellow cushions to compliment the sofa. This is the perfect blend of subdued and commanding colour tones.

Or to give another option, you could have an earth accent coffee table as the centerpiece of the room, only to be assisted by outstanding red candles. The idea is to catch the eye and then draw people in and that is what this look achieves.

Luckily, we have a variety of different sofas and coffee tables here at Abitare UK. Start looking for your newest addition by clicking this link:

Use Mirrors For Added Effect

The addition of mirrors is beneficial to any room, modern or not.

Mirrors are not only useful and something we all use on a daily basis without a second thought, they also have another use that is perfect for home owners.

They have a secret ability to make any room feel bigger. This deceptive trick adds space to any room as looking in a mirror is almost like looking through a window to another room as you are seeing more space and more furniture through the mirror even though it is just a reflection.

This benefits the open plan living idea that we mentioned earlier too as it just adds more space. Combine this with your open plan home and your declutter, you will have more space than you will know what to do with.

Abitare UK have a wonderful assortment of mirrors that would be perfect. Take a look at the full range here:


As you can see, there are many different ways to modernize your home and these are only a handful of them.

Creating a modern looking home can be a rather daunting sounding task however if you are able to implement all of these elements and put them together in a tasteful way, you will have crafted a modernized home that is built to last for many years to come and will most importantly; stand the test of time.

So what are you waiting for? Get designing!

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