“Sofas to enjoy at home” is Fama’s famous slogan, and something we couldn’t agree more with. Fama’s beautiful designs not only look truly amazing, they also provide a luxurious level of comfort that you can enjoy everyday.

Since the company’s humble beginnings in eastern Spain, the family business has grown into a huge brand that’s appreciated all over Europe and throughout the rest of the world. They put their success down to the fact that they design sofas with real people in mind. They spend a lot of time understanding how people like to relax at home and as a result, we’ve seen them come out with innovative designs such as the bestselling Lenny chair and the Moonrise chair.

At Abitare, we currently have the Fama Arianne Love Sofa, the Fama Lenny Chair and the Fama Moonrise Chair on display in our showroom. If you would like to find out more about any of the other Fama designs that we don’t currently have on display, please get in touch.