The Best High End Italian Furniture Brands

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Finding the perfect Italian furniture designer for your interior style can often be a struggle. Today, there are so many inspired designers, it is difficult to choose just one to decorate your home. High end Italian furniture has become extremely popular within the last decade; contemporary Italian design offers so many different styles and provides a luxury quality that can only be found in the heart of Italy.

We are here to tell you about the best high end Italian furniture brands that are popular right now.


NatuzziNatuzzi is an Italian furniture company with an incredible history. In 1959, Pasquale Natuzzi opened his first shop in Puglia; all sofas were made by hand. Into the 1970s, a myriad of new artisans and craftsman joined the team, with Natuzzi name becoming a stamp of Italian excellence. The brand name travels across the globe in the 80s, becoming especially popular in the US; they became know for their coloured leather sofas and their ability to provide indescribable comfort.

By the 2000s, Natuzzi opened stores in Sydney, London, Dubai, New York, Beijing, New Delhi, and Sao Paulo. These Italian furniture makers have come a long way since opening their first workshop in Puglia; all from the wonderful imagination and vision of Pasquale Natuzzi.


Natuzzi Editions Letizia Corner Group (1)The Natuzzi Letizia is the perfect example of a timeless Natuzzi design. In an on-trend vintage style and finished with stylish petal-shaped armrest, this must-have corner sofa features Natuzzi’s renowned cushioned comfort, ideal for lazy days spent about the house. Pasquale Natuzzi loved to blend comfort and style; this design emulates traditional Italian design, whilst also modernised to suit a contemporary interior style.

Natuzzi is unparalleled in its ability to design high-end Italian furniture which encapsulates contemporary and traditional styles.

Calia Italia

Calia Italia

Calia Italia is a brand defined by its contemporary and unique approach to furniture design. The modern designs of Calia Italia provide incomparable comfort, and are customisable to suit every interior style.  The founder himself, Liborio Vincenzo Calia trained in carpentry from a young age; he began to attend an artisan workshop in 1926, and in 1944, he started his own business, which evolved into Calia Italia in 1965. Eventually, Calia Italia began know for their craftsmanship and expertise in upholstering furniture.

This Italian brand is characterised by its desire to blend design and functionality. Shape played an important factor in the development of the Calia Italia style. Shape is used to mimic the shapes that people make with their bodies; the furniture design replicates curves and bends that we make when we curl up, lie down, or sink into a chair. This innovative shape design ensures that the furniture is designed for ultimate comfort and relaxation. Today, Calia Italia remains a family business, run by Saverio Calia and Giuseppe Calia. Dare to be different with this revolutionary design.

Cattelan Italia

Cattelan Italia is a brand we have all grown to know and love; they are especially popular in America and have become increasingly renowned in the UK too. As with many Italian furniture design companies, Cattelan Italia is also a family run business. The beauty of keeping a company in the family is that the values and goals are preserved; however, the designs evolve with every generation and become fresher and more modern.

Giorgio Cattelan was the son of a famous carpenter in the village of Thiene; the company was founded by Mr and Mrs Cattelan in 1979, the couple were both passionate about design and thirsted for artistry. Cattelan Italia stands out from the crowd because it is constantly adapting to new trends and new styles from around the world, whilst also maintaining their brand identity. The design of every furniture piece is meant to make life a little more comfortable and a little more stylish.

Lastly, the manufacturing of these designs uses a variety of methods and processes to achieve absolute perfection. Many of the processes are very forward-thinking, such as the method of making fumed glass; this means that the glass is made by putting precious metals between the torch and the glass, creating an incredible iridescence.

This Italian brand is certainly among the best in the business, combining innovative thinking, family heritage, culture, modernism, functionality, comfort, and creativity.

Cattelan Italia Butterfly

The Cattelan Italia butterfly dining table is a stunning, unique design which uses line and shape to define its artistry. This showstopping dining design features an infinity-loop ‘butterfly’ base of either titanium or bronze lacquered steel. The base supports a sleek glass or marble ceramic top available in a selection of finishes. Cattelan Italia may have started in the 1970s, but the imagination and vision of the modern designers has brought their furniture into the contemporary world.


CalligarisCalligaris is a company with an incredible history and an amazing story to tell. Today, we know Calligaris as a brand that truly wants to transform your house into a home; Calligaris try to produce furniture for every interior design so that your home feels like yours. This company believes in comfort and familiarity, instead of houses which present as museums of style. The core values held by Calligaris are admirable and these values are reflected in the quality, durability, and comfort of their designs.

Calligaris is one of the oldest of the Italian furniture companies, having been set up in 1923. As with many of the other Italian designers, the brand was birthed in a small village in Italy. Officially, the company was established by Antonio Calligaris who wanted to produce chairs made from wood and straw. This family business began in a small craft workshop in Manzano, unaware of the future success of the Calligaris brand.

Between the 1930s and 1950s, the company grew, and became known for its ability to produce high quality office chairs, known as the ‘Milano’ chairs. Through the industrial revolution and the passing of the torch from one father to another, led to the brand we know today.

Tutto Mobili

Tutto Mobili was set up in the late 1970s to create sleek, modernistic, contemporary furniture to suit every interior space. This brand prides themselves on ensuring customer satisfaction and making sure each individual gets the design that is right for their home. This brand preserve their Italian roots, while also embracing a mixture of cultures and trends incorporated into their design.

Most of all, this company prides themselves on high quality production and long-lasting furniture that will stay in your home for years to come. In our world today, one of our greatest concerns is climate change; Tutto Mobili promote values of the utmost respect for the environment, ensuring the safe production of polyurethane panels and materials. This brand avoids waste and tries to find a use for every material available to them.

The design of Tutto Mobili promotes sustainability and style in every furniture piece they create. These contemporary designs will add a touch of modernism blended with Italian craftsmanship to every home.

Tutto Mobili

It can sometimes be difficult to find high quality furniture that entwines luxury, comfort and style. These Italian furniture designers are the best of the best; every one of these brands has a story to tell and every furniture piece is made with creativity and passion. If you feel like your home needs a modern Italian twist, why not indulge yourself in ultimate luxury with our top Italian furniture makers.

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