Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Interior Design for One and All

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There has always been something mystical about the concept of mirrors. We think of the magic mirror in Snow White, the enchanted mirror from Beauty and the beast, and the looking glass which transports Alice to Wonderland. Why are mirrors thought to have such a transformative effect on people and places?

Whether you believe in magic or not, you have to believe in what a mirror can do for your interior design! In this article, you will discover why mirrors are an essential accessory for your home, as well as how to choose and style them.

Brighten the Gloom


Using mirrors in your interior decor transforms a once dreary, dismal space into a room full of light. Sometimes, you don’t always have the luxury of well-placed windows and perfectly-positioned skylights and mirrors are a great way to work with what you’ve got. Mirrors capture natural light and reflect it into every dark corner of the room, acting as an extra window.  This use of light can make a space feel warmer and more open, ensuring that your house always feels like a fresh spring morning.

The introduction of a mirror can also make a space feel larger and more roomy. Although most of the time, less is more; when it comes to mirrors, the bigger, the better! Whether you decide to invest in one large mirror that hangs over the mantelpiece or a myriad of small mirrors to create a feature wall, you will notice that your room doubles in size.

Choosing a mirror to create this effect can often be difficult and ineffective. Finding the right mirror for your space is vital to sweeping away the gloom. Luckily, Abitare have a beautiful range of  Deknudt mirrors which are guaranteed to make your home brighter, whilst also inviting nature in.  Deknudt Aurelie is a one of a kind design, which has been inspired by the intricate textures of the natural world. This design is intended to mimic patterns that form on plant-life, as well as the markings found on majestic animals. The concept of the Deknudt Aurelie represents one single cell and multiple mirrors can be used to create a gallery, depicting a cell-like structure across the wall.

For those with a keen design eye, it is the perfect opportunity to play around with composition and light. You can choose from three different colours including: clear mirror glass, bronze and grey. The Deknudt Aurelie can work for a number of colour palettes and design themes, bringing a natural aspect into your home.

Find out more about this stunning piece at https://www.abitareuk.com/product/deknudt-aurelie-set-of-3/

Making a Statement

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Although one of our top tips includes creating a feature wall with a gallery of mirrors (as with the Deknudt Aurelie), sometimes it is better to have one large statement piece. A statement mirror creates a focus point within the room and draws visitors in with its magnificence. These mirrors act as their own work of art and are often styled with a minimalistic setting.

Among our Deknudt mirror collection, the Arbo mirror design is one of our most popular. Similar to the Deknudt Aurelie, the Arbo is a beautiful, nature-inspired creation. This artisanal masterpiece will remind you of a calm walk in the forest, bringing a touch of the outdoors into your home.

Arbo is both rugged and delicate, blending the notion of a robust tree with that of a fragile mirror. The reflection is filtered by the delicate oak rings that are traced on the mirror glass. There is certainly something magical about this unique showpiece.

Discover more about the Arbo mirror at https://www.abitareuk.com/product/deknudt-mirrors-arbo-mirror/

The Hows and Wheres

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How and where you hang your mirror are the questions you need to be asking when you introduce this accessory into your home. If your mirror is hung at an angle, it will distort the reflection and throw off the entire balance of the room. To achieve a well-style interior, all mirrors must be hung straight; the interior designer must also consider the reflection shown in the mirror. This refers to the where of the matter. It may sound odd, why does it matter where your mirror is displayed?

In fact, this is far more important than you may initially think. When trying to double your space and brighten your room, you want the mirror to be facing a source of light. If it faces a glaring lightbulb, there is the possibility of a harsh glare upon the glass; whereas if it faces a window, it will mirror the natural light of the outside world.

Choosing the shape of your mirror is entirely dependent on what design themes you have established in your living space. Square, rounded or other shapes can work for a number of interior styles; the rounded mirror is one of our favourites. The circular mirror works well when a room has furniture with harsh, sharp lines such as cabinets, tables, and wardrobes. The soft, curved shape of the mirror, juxtaposed against the rectangular shapes within the furniture creates a stunning contrast of contours.

Within the Calligaris range at Abitare, we offer a selection of beautifully crafted round mirrors, which define style and elegance. The Calligaris Vanity mirror features a unique design which blends contemporary with classic. The notion of a vanity mirror is rather literal, in the sense that it is intended to allow its’ user to admire themselves; but the Calligaris Vanity Mirror is something to admire in itself. This piece portrays softly rounded contours of the mirror with the exquisite contrast of a sleek metal line that divides the mirror on one side. 

The adjacency of this rotund rod reforms the mirror from a simple, everyday object, into a creative and sophisticated statement piece. Like a painting or a sculpture, Vanity was designed to add an artistic streak to embellish the walls of your home. Indulge your own vanity today at  https://www.abitareuk.com/product/calligaris-vanity-mirror-square/

Who knew mirrors could make such a difference? Including a mirror into one of your rooms will never fail to surprise and delight you. You can expect to see your space grow, get brighter and add the finishing touch to your home!

Find out more about our diverse collections at  https://www.abitareuk.com/product-category/accessories/mirrors/

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