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The Alf Group dates back to the 1950s. A group of highly-skilled, experienced Italian craftsmen founded a co-op located in francenigo (treviso) to mass-produce wooden furniture. Alf Italia prides itself on providing luxurious, modern, and functional furniture which will work in every interior space.

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Alf Italia uses the materials of the highest quality from the finest wood, to the most magnificent lacquer. Every piece of Alf Italia furniture has been carefully designed by the skill and craftsmanship of their Italian furniture makers.  This brand is renowned for its high gloss veneer as well as their drive for design creativity and innovation. The modern designs are defined by their elegant finishes which exude luxury and sophistication. This designer range will certainly bring a touch of modernism to your home; the contemporary style of Alf Italia caters for dining room furniture, lounge furniture and luxury bedroom furniture; Alf has something for everyone.

The Alf lineup includes the Monaco, Novecento, Frida, Canova, Heritage,

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